The 10 qualities of an Intelligent DAM


Working side by side with the marketing and digital managers of the world's main brands has allowed us to identify the ten key characteristics that an Intelligent DAM must have in order to become a critical instrument for marketing and sales: this is what customers love about THRON.

The 10 qualities of an intelligent DAM

  1. An intelligent DAM is versatile. It knows how to automatically tag any kind of digital asset: texts, videos, images, galleries, audio, documents, html pages.
  1. It is insightful. Its semantic engine is able to learn the user’s language and categorize assets through tags that are relevant to its objectives.
  1. It is well-prepared. It knows every channel in which a specific digital asset is found, and it is able to take it offline instantly.
  1. It is a communicator. It knows how to guarantee a perfect performance for every kind of digital asset in terms of worldwide visualization. Even in China.
  1. It is practical. It knows how to crop any image and alter its dimensions automatically.
  1. It is responsive. It learns to get to know people and enhance their CRM profiles, adding data obtained from the analysis of viewed content. 
  1. It is intuitive. Once content performance has been measured, it is able to understand the way in which it has influenced various Calls to Action. 
  1. It is sensitive. It knows how to anticipate what will be most interesting to an individual, known or otherwise, suggesting the most relevant content for them. 
  1. It is sharp. It provides the IT department with appropriate insights regarding anomalies or unauthorized accesses, across all channels. 
  1. It is flexible. It is able to connect itself naturally to all company systems and to become their integrated media library, without copying each file in local repositories.

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