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Introduce Content Intelligence into your organization, get the most out of your content.

This free certification course consists of 7 lessons that explore the benefits brought by Content Intelligence to your business, and the tools offered by THRON to maximize such benefits.
From the approval process of all content produced, to its publication in the digital channels through an automatic process.
This course provides you with all the required know-how to build an optimal strategy, which facilitates the application of Content Intelligence in all its areas of impact.


Content Intelligence for Dummies - THRON Special Edition is a book designed for helping Marketers to activate Content Intelligence within their companies and obtain immediate benefits.


Certification Benefits


Grow your career


Become a certified Content Intelligence Manager, show your achievement in front of the community and work alongside  Companies to introduce Content Intelligence.


Enforce your Business skills


Enforce your skills to optimize the Platform's configuration. Any future integration can rely on a consolidated, optimized process, minimizing time consumption and enriching departments proficiencies.


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Join a privileged channel to partecipate and share expertise in all events and initiatives related to the world of Content Intelligence.


Get certified in one week
- or one working day -

Get certified in one week


Start free course

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This certification course is entirely free of charge and has been built
to allow you to attend lessons in the simplest possible way,
even on the move.
It takes just one hour per day (or one working day) and within a week,
you will be a certified Content Intelligence Manager.

Course includes:

Introduction to the world of Content Intelligence, illustrating its benefits, the areas of impacts within companies and presenting the revolutionary approach that THRON takes to the entire content lifecycle process.
All the functional areas of the THRON Platform, to master its use and always have clear where to look for information and how to carry out the main operations.
How to structure the content approval process to optimize the work of editors, from the identification of the stakeholders involved to the creation of folders to manage the various steps in the content lifecycle.
How create an effective taxonomy that helps and simplifies the collection of real customer interests from the content being delivered, and to train the artificial intelligence to ensure that the extraction of concepts from your content is increasingly accurate and in line with the actual business.
How to create a process that makes editors’ work completely independent from that of digital publishers or integrators. Thanks to automation, in fact, all the finalized content can be automatically made available to the various digital channels of the company, according to a precise strategy.
All the methods offered by the THRON Tracking Library to ensure that every interaction event between users and content is always recorded, thus refining their knowledge and preparing the ground for real personalized communication.
Use all the Dashboards offered by THRON's Intelligence, each according to its actual objective.

Become a Certified Content Intelligence Manager