Cut down infrastructure costs and optimize your content distribution in China

CHINA DELIVERY is the additional module of the Intelligent DAM Platform which allows you to simplify the infrastructure that manages the distribution of multimedia content on Chinese territory, always ensuring optimal performance.

Problems that CHINA DELIVERY solves:

1. My websites load very slowly in China.

Align response times in China to those of the rest of the World.

2. Distributing content in China is expensive.

Cut down the delivery infrastructure costs for the Chinese territory.

3. Obtaining the ICP license is complex.

Avoid the bureaucratic burden thanks to THRON's ICP license.


Features involved:

Integrated CDN
features_icon_integrateddelivery_300Integrated Content Delivery Network, to share your content anywhere all over the world, with the best possible performances.
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Universal Player
A single multimedia player that can manage all types of content: videos, audios, images, galleries, documents, images 360.
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Dynamic streaming
features_icon_multimediaproxyAdaptive video streaming to ensure the best performance at all times, even when the connection is slow.
Real-time Image Editor
features_Icon_RTIE_300Dynamic and automatic images cropping to adapt them to any channel (web, mobile, e-commerce) without multiple versions.
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Lazy loading
electric-light-bulbIntelligent player loading to avoid buffering: in a page with different multimedia players, those visible to the user are loaded first.
Content Experience Manager
features_Icon_CEM_300A centralized editor to configure the style and behavior of the player, automatically updating all shares in real time.
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Success stories:

Valentino reduced content management and updating costs by 75%. It can substitute in a instant a single multimedia asset across all channels, worldwide.


Furla expanded its e-commerce worldwide, China included, publishing content relevant to its audience's preferences.