Simplify creatives' lives with a cloud archive synchronized with their desktop.

CREATIVE LIBRARY is an additional module of the Intelligent DAM Platform  which allows you to streamline the operations of authors and content editors, thanks to the ability to edit content in THRON from desktop software, whilst the cloud archive is always synchronized with the latest version.

Problems that CREATIVE LIBRARY solves:

1. I need to have an always up-to-date archive with all my files.

Create a backup cloud archive for all of your company's files.

2. My collaborators works with desktop software.

Automatic synchronization of the latest version of the file, enabling you to continue working with your desktop software.

3. Uploading and downloading files takes a long time.

Stop the upload/download process whenever you want and resume it at any time.


Features involved:

Mutiple upload
multi uploadEasily upload entire folder branches and their contents to replicate your storage automatically to the cloud.
Integration with editing softwares
features_editing-toolsIntegration with all desktop tools such as Office or Adobe Suite, to always work on the latest version of the file.
Instant synchronization
features_centralized_distributionAutomatic file update every time you save it, so you can always have the latest version available in the cloud.
Automatic resume
Resume automaticoStop and resume uploading or downloading large files at any time.

Request a DEMO of this module:

Success stories unified the content from six brands in a single platform, from which it feeds all its channels. Editors update the shared images in Photoshop.


E-Photo has sped up the approval and production workflows of its photo shootings thanks to a shared system between creative agency and end clients.