Use the DAM and multimedia assets without affecting your company’s intranet.

MULTIMEDIA PROXY is an additional module of the Intelligent DAM Platform which allows you  to reduce the bandwidth consumption derived from live and on-demand content's usage.

Problems that MULTIMEDIA PROXY solves:

1. Internal bandwidth is always overloaded.

Optimize the internal bandwidth consumption derived from the usage of high quality multimedia assets.

2. HD images load slowly.

Minimize the number of requests for content thanks to the optimized cache.

3. Videos lag or are displayed in low quality.

Maximize video streaming performance, both live and on-demand.


Features involved:

Assets acceleration
features_acceleratorIntelligent cache management to reduce bandwidth consumption when loading multimedia assets.
Network configuration
features_network_configurationPossibility to place Multimedia Proxy inside or outside your company's network.
Centralized Distribution
features_centralized_distributionCentralized management and update of all devices through a specific web interface.
Software application
features_icon_apiApplication installed via Docker, no additional hardware required.

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Success stories:

Dainese has enriched the pages of the e-commerce with content in line with the interests of users.


Valentino has reduced content management and updating costs by 75%. In an instant it can replace a single asset on all channels, worldwide.


RTL 102.5 has increased its online retention by 620% by adapting its editorial and advertising strategies to the interests of the public.