Enrich multimedia assets with product information and build e-commerce pages quickly

SMART PIM is the additional module of the Intelligent DAM Platform which allows you to enrich your multimedia assets  with product information. An "entry level" solution to speed up content retrieval  and to simplify the integration with your e-commerce.


Problems that SMART PIM solves:

1. The management of product-related content is complex.

Simplify the collaboration with external agencies and creative teams thanks to approval workflows.

2. I can't find the resources linked to my products.

Classify content using product information to speed up its retrieval.

3. Product information is scattered across different software.

Speed up and simplify the creation of engaging product pages.


Features involved:

Product sheets
features_icon_productsheet_300A tool for creating product sheets, with all the technical information and linked digital assets..
Product classification
features_icon_productclassificationClassification and quick research of all digital assets through the information stored in your PIM.
Creation of catalogues
features_icon_apiSimplified management of the information required by external software for the creation of catalogues.
Easy integration
features_icon_apiREST API to minimize the costs of integration with your e-commerce.

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