THRON at Social Media Week 2018


Content Intelligence as a way to close the gap between the requirements of marketing in today’s world and the ability of marketers to fulfill them. Dario De Agostini, our CTO, shared some insights with us on the subject when he spoke at Social Media Week in Milan.

Social Media Week is held every year - countries around the world all stop to take stock of the effect of social networks, the web and digital on culture, the economy and society in general.  The Italian editions were held in Milan and Rome, organized by Business International - Fiera Milano Media. 

We attended three rooms, scores of speakers and multiple addresses on 12 June and were part on the many conversations about social media, the masses of data we are bombarded with every day and artificial intelligence.

But let's start with the difficulties modern marketers face and how CI can help to overcome them.  The main problem is the gap that has emerged between traditional marketing, around which teams were built, and marketing for today's world.

As Ryan Skinner, senior analyst at Forrester, told us, modern marketing is challenging for professionals in the field - it entails thousands of “places”, both physical and virtual, and also ways in which brands can meet users.  It's inconceivable to think marketers could oversee them all without the help of technology.

Where traditional marketing was “mass” and adequately served by a general mass advertising campaign, users’ attention is now better captured by messages tailored specifically to them as individuals. Even for consumers, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between the many offers presented to them and they have to find a way of choosing.

The major challenges facing marketing divisions are therefore how to make sure the brand remains coherent across multiple touchpoints, how to oversee all its content and collect data it can then use in decisioning. These concerns often clash with the limited funds available and having to operate within a budget.

Artificial Intelligence is a valid tool that can support “traditional” teams grappling with “modern” marketing - it supports without forcing them to make huge investments, not just in financial terms but also in the time and personnel required.  Content Intelligence technology (AI applied to content) can very quickly, and with easy-to-access training, offer the following benefits:

  • Less time needed to manage content archive.
  • More coherent image across multiple channels.
  • Hard data on which to base investment decisions, in respect of data privacy legislation.
  • Easily personalized communication.
  • Facilitated team work using existing content.
Stefania Fornasier

Content Marketing Manager

Strongly convinced that in marketing the ethical component is fundamental, she makes the communication of the product consistent among all channels as well as in different formats, with the aim of always providing useful and quality content.