I won’t beat around the bush: seeing THRON among the top solutions in Forrester’s “Vendor Landscape: Digital Asset Management, 2016″ report is an incredible feat for us. Not just for me, but also for all the people who have worked so hard to achieve these results.

Best of all, the report highlights many aspects that we have been working on for some time now. Forrester states that due to the increasing number of rich media assets and the diverse set of distribution channels, DAM solutions are taking on an increasingly more strategic role.

Especially for the software vendors who are able to leverage their technology to increase operation efficiencies and create measurable value for corporate business communication.

This is why I believe that there could be no better position for THRON than how Forrester recognized is: Marketing DAM.

In addition to content control and worldwide brand protection, THRON provides its clients with a real-time snapshot of what truly interests their users,  the capacity to distribute the most effective content on any channel and, based on content use, the data required to implement a full-scale data-driven communication strategy.


According to Forrester’s analysts, the big factors that will shape the DAM market this year are three: cloud, now a strategic priority for most companies; convergence, integration with other systems; content analytics, to measure impact on the customer experience.


THRON responds to all these demands. THRON is a native, scalable cloud platform that integrates in a seamless way through interactive APIs and connectors via the THRON Marketplace. The platform permits brands to enhance advanced analytics solutions by adding the ability to measure content value across every channel. THRON's Content Intelligence allows companies to establish a data-driven content strategy by leveraging content topic data and specific user interests.


Compared to traditional DAMs, THRON aims to give people autonomy. In this digital era, it is fundamental that technology be ‘plug and play’, ready to use and easy to integrate. Our strategic positioning by Forrester confirms the strength of our solution and our clear vision for the future of marketing technology to meet a new generation of customer needs.


This is the vision that has placed us among the top 20 in the DAM market. And this is just the beginning!

Nicola Meneghello

CEO & Founder

With more than ten years experience in the development of SaaS technologies for digital marketing, he founded the company with a specific idea in mind: that enterprise software could become a Made in Italy excellence too, capable of inspiring the world, just like food and fashion.