Content Marketing

Do you want to build targeted campaigns that take into account the interests of your users and at the same time, thanks to quality content, are able to attract them, engage them and acquire them with the ultimate goal of guiding them to respond to specific calls to action?
If so, Content Marketing is the right strategy for you.

What is Content Marketing?


If by Content Marketing we mean the process of creating, publishing and distributing valuable content on the web to attract, inform and engage a specific audience, thereby increasing qualified leads and promoting your brand at the same time, we must bear in mind that this is even more effective if the content produced by the brand is of high quality or in line with the interests of your target audience.
It is only by providing an interesting experience that the public - engaged by photos, infographics, informative videos, surveys, newsletters and much more - is driven to experience a deeper interaction with your brand.
To optimize your Content Marketing strategy, you need a tool that measures its performance. This is where THRON comes into play, not only helping you to measure how your content performs and how much users interact with it but also helping you to choose which content is the most suitable for each customer.
In fact, THRON uses Artificial Intelligence to "measure" the value of content based on how it is used by the visitors of your channels, understanding which topics "work best."
This process of analysis and extraction of strategic data regarding the interests of the target audience makes it possible to adapt and improve Content Strategy and therefore to create elements of increasing quality.

The benefits of good Content Marketing

Creating Content Marketing that satisfies users' expectations allows a flexible approach to advertising, with different benefits that can be adapted to any type of business:

Expanded customer base


Considering that the audience moves across multiple channels from social gateways to the brand's owned channels (like the website or online shop, etc.), it is possible to exploit the ability of social media to generate awareness and create new leads to "guide" interested users to increase their brand awareness within the owned channels where, thanks to Content Intelligence and strategic data on the interests of consumers, it will be possible to maximize conversions with personalized communications.

Construction of a solid brand loyalty


Nowadays, to be competitive and practical, advertising must win over the customer. Content Marketing allows the building of a relationship of trust between the brand and its target. In fact, a good strategy can make you the brand of reference for customers interested in your sector.

THRON is the ideal tool for Content Marketing

Planning and organizing work are essential to make the most of this opportunity.
From SEO to tagging and publishing, it is essential to maintain a constant and consistent workflow in order to give the public timely, up-to-date and high-quality content.
We can therefore say that THRON is the ideal solution for your Content Marketing, because it allows you to manage content in a centralized way and to convey a single version of your message across the various channels used by your brand.
You will be able to better plan your next marketing campaigns because THRON and Content Intelligence will help you to:
Maintain your brand consistency by making your tone of voice coherent thanks to the centralization and integrated delivery of all multimedia elements.
Optimize work time and productivity as you will be able to manage all posts on social media and CMS via the cloud, having access to assets and content that are perfectly up-to-date, ordered and tagged.
Increase engagement, personalizing the customer experience thanks to the ability of artificial intelligence to always suggest the most relevant content for each person.
In fact, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence it is possible to get the most out of all the brand's content and customize the Marketing & Sales strategies. Indeed, the THRON Intelligence allows you to analyze performance, understand the trending topics, profile users and their interests and offer them tailor-made CTAs.

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