Improve your brand content experience


Content is the first and main touchpoint with users, but in order to make it effective and engaging, turning them into customers, a brand needs to have control over the whole experience it is offering. That is Content experience. Oftentimes, brands entrust external agencies with the building of their content experience, with increased costs and complexity of the infrastructure.

In this webinar  we will see how to cut down costs and content experience management times, thanks to THRON Universal Player , which will:
• allow you to manage and display any kind of multimedia files, on any device;
• guarantee top performance worldwide.




Dynamic streaming

It automatically adjusts the quality of playback of video content based on the user's device and the available bandwidth.




Intelligent page loading

It eliminates waiting times, optimizing user experience. When there are several players on the same page, priority will be given to the content that is in the viewport area, the portion of the screen visible to the user.


Interaction tracker

Measure the engagement of each user through their interaction with content: play, skip, progression, download... with advanced metrics.



Content monetization

Maximize your advertising revenue on any device, including mobile and OTT. THRON Universal Player supports a wide range of solutions, like pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll advertising.




Centralized editor

An interface for the creation of new templates to customize the Player's look and behavior, from which to update all external shares in real time.


Antonio Comelli
Demand Generation Manager

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