Customer Retention and THRON

Did you know that in economic terms a loyal customer is worth 10 times more than a new acquisition?
Making sure that your customers are satisfied and come back again is crucial for building a solid clientele and a successful brand image.
Today, offering high-quality products and services is no longer enough to guarantee consumers' loyalty.
For this reason, an effective marketing strategy must also include customer relationship management focused on retention.

What is Customer Retention


The implementation of Customer Retention strategies in your business allows you to maximize profits. In the marketing world, this expression specifies the techniques and benefits of a customer's loyalty to a brand.


Customer Retention: what are the benefits?

Focusing on Customer Retention is always an advantageous strategy, often much more effective than the acquisition of new customers, for two reasons:
  1. The cost of a new acquisition is always higher than the cost of maintaining an old customer. According to industry studies, the possibility of retaining a customer ranges from 60 to 70%, while the likelihood of acquiring a new customer is no greater than 20%.
  2. A loyal and satisfied buyer is worth more than several new buyers who do not know your brand. A Customer Retention of 5% can increase your profits by more than 25%

Key factors of Customer Retention


Customer Retention
What influences customer retention? A number of different factors are involved. The quality of your product is fundamental, but no less important are trust in your brand, customers satisfaction and your ability to predict their needs by proposing personalized offers and packages.
All these aspects require an exchange of information between the customer and the company.
To ensure that buyers are interested in your product and continue to return to your business until they consider it their brand of reference, it is essential to maintain a high level of interaction with the audience.

How to fully integrate your CRM with THRON


Your relationship with your customer is therefore the key to improving customer retention.
Knowing the tastes of consumers and the demographics of your customers allows you to build an increasingly solid relationship between your business and the buyers you want to retain.
With THRON you can enrich your CRM in an innovative and absolutely effective way and make customer relationship management more efficient.
THRON's AI is designed for the precise profiling of customers who interact with your content.

THRON Intelligence: a tool to know your customers

THRON is the most advanced solution that allows you to keep track of consumer purchasing behavior. Thanks to a database it memorizes the entire path followed by each visitor, updated in real time and enriched with strategic data on its interests "extrapolated" from the use of content.
This allows you to define the habits of your customers (channels, formats, favorite services etc.) and to refine your content strategies. This knowledge derives from the measurability of content performance, which are the “trending topics” that can guarantee the largest number of conversions turning users into leads.
In fact, THRON's AI helps you to compile a constantly updated database on the behavior patterns and preferences of those who visit your company's communications channels.
THRON is the intelligent digital tool tailored to the needs of companies, an innovative solution to enrich your CRM in a functional and rational way.

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