Speed, consistency and profiling: the ingredients to Bisazza’s online success.

Bisazza, an Italian SME, is one of the most prestigious Italian brands in the field of design and the global leader in the production of glass mosaic. From the outset, its collaboration with the most important designers on an international level has been strategic. This is because, for this company, it is essential to consistently merge the charm of craftsmanship with the value of design.

Paolo RInaldi
With the restyling of our website, which has been populated with shared assets directly from the Intelligent DAM, we have estimated a time saving of over 80%. Another of THRON’s huge benefits is that derived from its Intelligence, which analyzes the use of our content.
Paolo Rinaldi
Project Manager


Once the decision was made to make the content management process, previously distributed between various external agencies, internal, Bisazza set itself the following aims:
  1. to remove duplications of digital assets from the various CMSs relating to different internal and external platforms;
  2. to eliminate data silos, making all usage data converge in a single system that is able to provide coherent insights;
  3. to communicate with its customers in an ever more personalized way, thanks to the intelligent use of content.


THRON has proved itself to be the right platform for Bisazza because it has allowed the company to:

  1. Regain possession of all its company content, which was previously diffused and distributed by external agencies on different sites and platforms. At the same time, thanks to moving to THRON, all the agencies continue to work profitably with Bisazza, without the problem of having to transfer thousands of files, sometimes of large dimensions. Indeed, thanks to the Intelligent DAM, the entire ingestion phase has now been automated and simplified, leading to a productivity increase of over 70% compared with the amount of time invested previously.
  2. Obtain a significant reduction in cataloguing times, thanks to the support of THRON’s artificial intelligence engines that have reduced tagging and archiving times by 23%.
  3. Reach the maximum guarantee of brand consistency, in that today, all Bisazza’s digital touch points are fed by THRON and by its integrated delivery: from catalogue images, to detailed photos of mosaics and videos. In this way, in less than 10 seconds, Bisazza is able to update the alteration of a mosaic color variation all over the world, without having to take care of any application releases.
  4. Collect valuable insights into the tastes of architects, installers and final customers, thanks to Content Intelligence and to THRON’s Single Customer View.


Overall, Bisazza has managed to save up to 80% in time and resources for its digital asset management, as well as being able to profile 100% of its registered users.

Today, Bisazza is a brand that is increasingly devoted to creating the best possible relationships with its audience: all this, starting out from a new approach and a new technological revolution.


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