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Confagricoltura is the organization that represents and protects Italian agricultural businesses present all over the national territory. It has 19 regional federations, 95 provincial unions and more than 2,000 local offices and council delegations.
The confederation supports the economic, technological and social development of agriculture and agricultural businesses. Its members include two thirds of employers in agricultural sector businesses. Confagricoltura is represented at all the main institutional, national and international locations that are directly or indirectly linked to agriculture.
Content retention has increased by 173% since we started applying Content Intelligence to our customer experience.
Paolo Torregiani
Responsabile IT


With offices and staff spread out across the territory, Confagricoltura feels an increasing need to coordinate communication from its headquarters to outer areas, guaranteeing consistent messages with all its members, and becoming ever more data-driven in order to be aware of the needs and interests of its audience in advance.

The launch of the new association portal, the creation of a new internal Intranet network, and the enhancement of its content programming, also in multimedia formats, represented an opportunity for Confagricoltura to choose THRON, entrusting it with the above-mentioned goals.


It is in this way that, thanks to the Intelligent DAM, THRON has helped Confagricoltura and its digital partners to develop its new digital experience portals, achieving extraordinary results.

  1. Consistently organizing external communication, removing excesses and risky duplications.
  2. Improving internal efficiency, making the editorial staff able to publish new content (images, galleries, videos, documents) in a short space of time on public, but also private and association, websites, without having to ask its IT department for time to take care of application releases with each update.
  3. Giving internal communication a multimedia and ever more efficient form, thanks to a unique player (Content Experience Manager), which guarantees a perfect multi-content customer experience.
  4. Thanks to the data obtained from Content Intelligence and the resulting finishing touches to its content strategy, Confagricoltura has recorded an increase in engagement and member participation. Indeed, today, the new portal represents a point of reference for Confagricoltura’s stakeholders, and registers over 600,000 visualizations and 230,000 sessions by registered users. This is an increase of over 173% compared with the previous generation.

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