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Brand identity under control, personalised customer experience on each channel, -70% of editorial effort. 

With THRON, Dainese has rivolutionised the lifecycle of marketing and product digital asset, from creation to distribution.





  • Increase productivity
  • Control brand identity
  • Customise customer journey

  • Saving of 42% on internal and external resource costs 
  • 500% optimisation of product shots creation 


The Dainese brand


Fifty years have passed since Lino Dainese made his first motocross trousers. It was 1972 and since then the company's mission has always been clear: design innovative and ergonomic solutions to improve and promote safety in dynamic sports.

Today, with over 800 employees and offices in the USA and China, Dainese is a globally recognised brand and its products are chosen by champions and enthusiasts of a wide range of disciplines: from motorcycling to sailing, from skiing to cycling.


Challenges and strategies


Managing online assets, products and channels effectively is a challenge for any brand. It is even more so when we are talking about 350,000 digital assets, a production of 50,000 pieces of content per year and 20,000 product codes.

Dainese realised this immediately when it decided to set up its own online presidium. The management of communication channels soon proved to be fragmented and costly.

The risk of not guaranteeing brand consistency and disseminating out-of-date content or information was always just around the corner.

The aggregation and analysis of user data required a lengthy, complex and not error-free activity.

It was in this scenario that the historic Italian brand chose THRON to reorganise its digital ecosystem, with three strategic goals.



1. Increase productivity through centralised management of digital assets 


2. Have full control of brand identity through consistent and up-to-date contents


3. Personalise the customer journey through consistent and profiled data.

THRON ecosystem



Solutions chosen by Dainese



With THRON DAM PLATFORM you control, manage and distribute marketing and product assets, directly from THRON, eliminating duplication.

With THRON CONNECTORS you can keep your website, e-commerce and any other channels updated automatically and in real-time.




1. Centralised asset management increases productivity 

Fragmented content management often results in a waste of time spent, dedicated resources and possible image damage caused by messages that are not always consistent.

This was also the case for Dainese, until it chose to change approach and equip itself with a single engine to manage the entire lifecycle of digital assets.

With THRON DAM PLATFORM, the Italian brand centrally organises, manages and distributes product content and information.

From PLM to shooting management tools: shots, videos, images and any other type of content are collected in one cross-departmental hub and from there shared across different touchpoints. In this way, internal processes have become leaner and more efficient, and productivity has increased.

Not only that. Thanks to the unique brand taxonomy, Dainese has also automated the process of classifying and enriching content with product information. The result? Product searchability has improved and e-commerce management is more effective, faster and always up-to-date.



  • Increased process efficiency: -42% reduction in costs for internal and external resources
  • Increased performance: +500% in product shooting production 
  • Automatic association of content with product information.


Dainese highlights


2. Consistent and unduplicated assets to protect online reputation 

Many channels, one identity: coherent, clear, uniform. Through THRON DAM PLATFORM, Dainese distributes its content in a direct, centralised and controlled manner. Each asset is automatically updated, adapted to the context and optimised according to the channel of use.

Each content is unique, without duplication, and marketers are no longer forced to create different versions of the same asset for different touchpoints. With centralised distribution, Dainese is always in control of the consistency of its communication and, at the same time, offers users quality content that is perfect for their specific conditions of use.

Thanks to THRON Universal Player, the sportswear giant dynamically distributes assets across all digital channels - from website to e-commerce to apps - and offers a unique and memorable multimedia experience.

THRON Universal Player


THRON's player allows Dainese to:

  • Play any content on all channels at the highest quality
  • Ensure immersive video experiences  with adaptive streaming up to 4K
  • Offer users the highest level of image detail with adaptive zoom.



  • Dynamic updating of assets: every change made in THRON in trasmitted to all channels in real time
  • Optimisation of assets production according to use: -70% of content management activities
  • Consistency of content published in e-commerce and on all other channels 100% guaranted.


3. A customised customer journey driven by data analysis personalizzato guidato dall’analisi dei dati

Assets are valuable not only for what they communicate.

Each one is a valuable source of information about the users who interact with it. Knowing how to collect, aggregate and analyse data thus becomes an opportunity to build increasingly personalised and meaningful customer journeys. 

Dainese bestsellers


Thanks to THRON's Content Analytics tools, data are collected from the various channels in a globally consistent manner, and all converge in the platform.

The Artificial Intelligence system evaluates the performance of individual content and collects information on users' interests and preferences. Their profiles, enriched within the CRM, become the basis for Dainese to launch increasingly personalised marketing campaigns.

In particular, with centralised data collection and analysis, Dainese can:

  • Take advantage of THRON's direct distribution to centralise the collection of analytics, which thus converge into a single tool. 
  • Analyse conversion rates of online sales and device preferences 
  • Create dynamic content recommendations based on user interests 
  • Discover which content most influences the customer journey.



  • Mapping the entire customer journey and evaluating the ROI of each piece of content
  • Customise user experience across all channels
  • Design data-driven marketing strategies.



Costs on internal and external resources

Optimisation of product shots creation

Content management activities

Are you looking for a solution to do a wheelie of your entire digital assets lifecycle?

With THRON you manage marketing and product assets from a single hub, from photo shoots management to e-commerce publication.