To establish an online reputation through the intelligent management of digital assets

Lino Dainese founded the company of the same name in 1972, having safety in dynamic sports as its mission. With over 800 employees, it has launched a revolutionary project: to design and manufacture equipment that protects people in various sporting activities, no longer just in motorcycling, but also in skiing and sailing, as far as space travel. In this way, it has become a world-renowned brand, with offices in the USA and China.

We spread online content all over the world: THRON is the fundamental tool to centralize and monitor it, and ensure brand consistency in this way.
Nicolò Chiaramonte
Digital Project Manager


Already known offline all over the world, when Dainese decided to establish an online reputation, it set itself the main objective of revolutionizing its entire digital strategy, heading in an increasingly online and data-driven direction. That meant


  1. Managing all kinds of content, from images to videos, from product galleries to UGC content, and following the entire life cycle centrally, from creation to approval, to tagging, to publication and data collection.
  2. Guaranteeing brand consistency and the coherence of company messages, removing content duplicates and silos data from the different company touch points.
  3. Getting to know user interests for a highly personalized customer experience.


THRON has helped Dainese by becoming a critical instrument for its marketing and sales teams, making each digital asset intelligent, in order to guarantee ever more effective relationships between the brand and people.

  1. All content, from the company blog, to the press area, from in-store digital signage to worldwide e-commerce, is centralized and supplied by the Intelligent DAM, significantly reducing the time required for the digital team’s content management activities.
  2. Omnichannel publication times have been drastically reduced. Now, in less than 10 seconds, individual content can be updated and published across all digital platforms while completely protecting brand consistency, without ever having to request the intervention of the IT department.
  3. Audience profiling data have quadrupled thanks to Content Intelligence support, that now provides the CRM and marketing automation with strategic insights into the real-time interests of each individual.

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