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Established in 1975, RTL 102.5 is today the leading Italian radio station, counting almost 8 million listeners every day. Over the last few years it has evolved into a 360-degree multimedia content supplier, choosing radiovision as its editorial format – the only Italian radio broadcaster to do so. In this way RTL content, broadcasted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, can be enjoyed via radio, television, the web, and other platforms. In addition to news and music related content, the brand interacts with people through social networks and digital touchpoints. RTL is indeed, and always has been, the closest radio to people. That is where its famous slogan "Very Normal People" comes from.




Thanks to THRON's predictive content recommendation we managed to increase online retention by 620%.
Eugenio La Teana
Head of Research & Development
RTL 102.5