Very extraordinary technology: the personalization of the customer experience through data from Intelligence

Established in 1975, today RTL 102.5 is the leading Italian radio station, with almost 8 million listeners each day. Over the last few years, it has evolved, becoming a 360-degree multimedia content supplier, and choosing radiovision as an editorial format – the only Italian radio broadcaster to do so. In this way, RTL’s content, transmitted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, can be enjoyed via radio, television, the web, and on any other platform that is currently known. Social networks and digital touch points, through which the brand interacts with people, have been added to news and music content. Indeed, RTL is, and always has been, the radio station that is close to the people. This is where the famous slogan "Very Normal People" comes from.

Thanks to THRON the Intelligent DAM, we have managed to increase online retention by 620%.
Eugenio La Teana
Head of Research & Development
RTL 102.5


To further enhance its value proposition and its relationship with people, RTL 102.5 wanted to centralize all its content management and, thanks to a data-driven approach, bring its brand even closer to the people.

The project started out from the definition of some extremely ambitious objectives: it is also thanks to this capability and farsightedness that, today, RTL 102.5 has become the leading Italian radio station that is


  1. completely omnichannel. To guarantee RTL coverage of all its digital platforms and various devices, moving to a platform that managed any type of content on its own was required.
  2. completely automated. The editorial staff manages both live and on-demand content nimbly and rapidly, without having to fragment content that is being produced into various platforms.
  3. data driven. Knowing its own audience to the point of collecting strategic data to personalize and make its programming more interesting, including the advertising part.


  1. For RTL 102.5, the starting point in the THRON platform adoption process was the centralization of all its digital assets in a single platform.
    Today, live videos, live audio, on-demand videos, on-demand audio, images, and UGC content belonging to RTL 102.5 are all entirely managed by a single digital platform: THRON the Intelligent DAM.
  2. An increase in worldwide delivery performance, that has led to the growth of its online audience, from abroad, from 3% to more than 20%. Moving to THRON and to its powerful delivery, RTL has made it possible for all Very Normal People to listen to the radio from every corner of the world, from an airport, from a hotel bedroom, from the homes of all Italians abroad, including China.
  3. Intelligent audience profiling, analyzing all subject matters from viewed content, that are then classified according to an editorial logic. Now, RTL 102.5 is integrating its own systems and the Intelligent DAM even more. This will lead to the personalization of its programming and advertising proposals, to provide its audience with ever more adherence to their interests.

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