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A Throne to manage content, optimise product information validation processes and distribute each asset efficiently and safely. 

With THRON, Selle Royal Group has revolutionised the digitisation of its products. The goal? Internal and external governance of content and product data, with great benefits for time to market and brand consistency.





  • To make data and content management effective and less dispersive
  • Structure information and content validation processes
  • Communicate consistently with all stakeholders
  • Over 20,000 unique contents, managed and distributed on each channel
  • Over 5,000 digitised products, organised and distributed on each channel
  • Brand consistency on each of the 80 markets of the sales network


The Selle Royal Group


It was 1956 when Riccardo Bigolin founded Selle Royal.

Since the beginning of its history, the company has always stood out for its ability to combine technology and design.

Continuos innovation, with the aim of guaranteeing a comfortable experience for any cyclist.

Today, the Group - consisting of the brand Selle Royal, Fizik, ClankBrothers, Brooks England and PEdALED - develops, produces and distributes saddles, accessories and components for different types of bicycles and cyclists, with a sales network in more than 80 markets, meeting the needs of various cycling communities, from urban commuting to travel, from gravel to road.

The Group's five brands are a point of reference for cyclists worldwide and partners with the most important bicycle manufacturers on a global scale.


Challenges and strategies


To ensure the content governance, Selle Royal Goup set itself three strategic goals and, with THRON, identified appropriate strategies to achieve them.


1. Make data and content management effective and less dispersive. Overcoming this challenge requires a single point of reference where multimedia content and product data can be aggregated and managed.


2. Structuring information and content validation processes. This requires digital workflows integrated with the space in which the information and content resides.


3. Communicate consistently with all stakeholders. An omnichannel customer experience passes through a digital ecosystem that is able to centralise information and content and publish it consistenly across every communication channel.



THRON ecosystem




Important goals, made even more abitious by the presence of five different brands.

In order to achieve them, the Group was looking for a single solution, i.e. one that would avoid the proliferation of software and the costs that come with it (both direct and indirect). 


Solutions chosen by Selle Royal Group



With THRON DAM PLATFORM you control, manage and distribute marketing and product assets, directly from THRON, eliminating duplication.

With THRON PIM you quickly and automatically create, organise and approve the products in your catalogue: the products sheets are ready for your website or e-commerce.
With the THRON connector for Magento you feed and update your e-commerce quickly, automatically and in real-time. 




1. A single Throne from which to govern content and product information 

Unstructured content and product management brings with it several consequences, which negatively impact both the productivity of internal processes and the quality of the end customer experience, whether B2B or B2C. 

Internally, marketing and sales departments must be able to rely on unambiguous data to actively contribute to the fulfilment of business strategies.

Externally, informazioni and content published on each channel, from the website to distributor portals, must be consistent.

Important consequences, which led Selle Royal Group to choose THRON DAM PLATFORM to aggregate product information and content within a single solution.

In this way, each team can rely on THRON as a single source of business truth and the version mismatch of the past - when, internally and externally, product data was exchanged via Excel and images or videos via file sharing services - no longer occurs.



  • Unique information for any team of the Group
  • Certainty of always having up-to-date information
  • Guarantee of access to the latest version of any content, without duplication.


Brand of the Selle Royal Group


2. Structured digital flows to boost collaboration and productivity

Managing content and product information in a centralised manner is only the first step towards digitising products. 

With our support, Selle Royal Group has defined a shared data model for each brand. In other words, a single taxonomy has been defined, so that every piece of content in THRON is classified and enriched with consistent logic and designations throughout the Group.

Another crucial step towards asset governance was the definition of structured process for validating data for e-commerce product sheets.

From this point of view, THRON PIM has made it possible to centralise information by clearly establishing who is responsible for updating, validating and communicating it. Thanks to the structured digital flow, product sheets are filled with unambiguos, certain and up-to-date data.

The teams avoid running after each other on different platforms, eliminating the risk of losing important data along the way. 


Brooks England e-commerce


Last, but not least, is AI.

Selle Royal Group, with its Brooks England brand, provided us with data product information to develop a machine learning engine for automatic content classification.

Concretely, the engine analyses images uploaded to the platform and recognises products within them. THRON automatically proposes tags to classify content based on the taxonomy of the Group.

In this way, thanks to the engine, time and costs of classification activities are reduced and, at the same time, the quality of the digital archive is improved, making searches within it more effective. 



  • Single, shared Group Dictionary for all brands 
  • Increased productivity through more structured processes
  • Increased collaboration
  • Time saved in content-data-association
  • More effective searches.


3. Omnichannel distribution ensuring brand consistency and top customer experience 

The last mile of optimal product digitisation is distribution. And Selle Royal Group was no exception in this respect.

Centralised and approved assets are distributed to all brand stakeholders directly by THRON DAM PLATFORM.

To the market, first and foremost. 


 Fizik Products Page


Thanks to the THRON connector for Magento, website and e-shop for B2C customers are always populated with the most up-to-date content and product data.

THRON also dialogues with B2B portals that the Group's brands use to dialogue with their distributors, ensuring that the assets and information transmitted are correct and the retailers aligned with Selle Royal Group strategies. 

Thanks to direct communication, what the Group's marketers want to communicate is the same thing. Communication is consistent and Selle Royal Group imposes its strategies on the market more quickly

In addition, THRON has made the concept of omnichannel distribution a reality, making dialogue with other stakeholder. Thanks to the DAM PLATFORM, in fact, the Group's brands distributed their assets with the related press offices, creative and translation agencies.



  • Time to market minimised
  • Guaranted brand consistency on every touchpoint
  • Omni-channel quality customer experience.



Contents managed and distributed on each channel

Products digitised and distributed on every channel

Markets consistently reached by the Group

Are you looking for a solution to govern media contents and the information of all you products?
With THRON you manage digital content and product information from a single point, from managing photo shoots to publishing on e-commerce.