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Marketers need to face two main challenges:

  • on the one hand, there is the desire to collect strategic data from content
  • on the other hand, there is the need to control and rationalize the chaos that emerges from the distribution of a great deal of content and messages on a variety of channels and company touch points.

Content Intelligence and integrated delivery are the main characteristics that make THRON’s proposal stand out from all other DAM solutions available on the market.

Some Brands who use THRON and Content Intelligence today

THRON is a transversal solution for all industries. It is used by companies involved in industries ranging from the fashion to the automotive industry, to those of luxury, media, CPG, pharmaceutical, financial services, commerce and manufacturing. These brands have chosen to become dialoguing organizations and, thanks to intelligent content use, they have decided to consider their customers people rather than numbers, engaging in exclusive conversations with each of them, inspired by the paradigm of personalized content.

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