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THRON helps Marketers to get the most of value from Content production by centralizing their management across all different channels and business systems.

The paradigm shift
brought about by THRON


THRON the Intelligent DAM’s fundamental vision is as follows: to no longer be a Digital Asset Management relegated to the role of “content production process manager”, but to be the marketers’ daily digital assistant, capable of keeping data under control and supplying it in order to:

  • Increase productivity and operational efficiency
  • Boost engagement and conversion rates
  • Keep the brand consistent and protect intellectual property

What makes THRON disruptive

Full Content Life Cycle workflow.

Integrated Delivery

  • Brand Consistency ensured by worldwide integrated delivery.
  • Distribution of consistent content in line with the brand identity thanks to the complete centralized configurability of THRON Multimedia Player.
  • Easy omnichannel integration through embed codes or html tags.
  • Management of access rights also for published content

Content Intelligence

  • Content tagged unambiguously thanks to the removal of integrated delivery duplicates.
  • Improvement of accuracy in semantic engines that tag assets.
  • Automatic training.
  • Automatic updating of behavioral engines that analyze past data with updated models.

For this reason, THRON has been chosen by leading companies in their sector that want to be more and more engaged with their consumers:

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