Content Experience Manager

Customize the appearance and behavior of shared content

Content Experience Manager is an editor to customize the appearance and behavior of the Player from a single control center, regardless of the content shown and the front-end channels it is used on.


How does it work?

Rights management 

Through the management of permissions you can provide freelance agencies and developers with access rights and changes to specific Player templates. On the one hand, you avoid having to resort to third-party tools to develop custom templates, on the other hand you limit the range of action in external user platforms, maintaining control over the appearance and use of the templates.

Advanced versioning

Manage the release of new versions of a Player's template to avoid incorrectly publishing old or not-yet-approved versions. You can still restore previous versions whenever you want.

Simplified visual editor or advanced code editor

You can change the appearance of the Player through a simple visual editor that allows you to set the most common parameters. 

You also have a code editor (CSS and Javascript) available to intervene on behaviors and visual effects. The THRON Universal Player documentation portal is constantly updated to provide all the necessary documentation for developers.

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