Edit Space

Maximize editors' productivity by creating intelligent content

Enable the creator of your content to save valuable time and focus on quality.

The Edit Space is an area entirely dedicated to editors, which allows you to "activate" your content, i.e. to enrich it with all the information that Content Intelligence needs to measure its actual value and impact on your business.

From a single point, it is possible to control the entire content enrichment phase, be it a URL content type or a multimedia asset, it will be possible to check its basic information such as title and description in all available languages, modify its tags to keep it always in line with the company taxonomy, replace or restore its versions to ensure that the content is updated in real time in all channels in which it is published.
Finally, by customizing thumbnail and using linked/attached content, you can create ad-hoc browsing experiences for your customers.

How does it work in detail?

  • Quickly retrieve all basic content information such as size, creation date or latest update
  • Keep control of all content versions: download or restore previous versions, automatically update content on every channel, leaving a note to your co-workers about what you have modified.
  • Edit the representative image of your content to preserve the coordinated image and the consistency of your Brand.
  • Create real visualization paths for your customers, increasing their involvement and allowing Content Intelligence to deepen their knowledge.
  • Enable your customers to download your content via THRON Player
  • Classify your content by tracking tags added by Artificial Intelligence and integrating with the concepts of your organization's official taxonomy