Fast and SEO Friendly Content Embed

Simple distribution of omnichannel content

Share your company’s content quickly via a simple link. Do you need to make an alteration straight away? Replace the content in THRON and it will be updated automatically wherever it is published.

THRON’s Shareboard keeps track of all sharing so that you are always in control of where content is and how it is viewed on the various channels.

How it works

  • Choose your content, playlist or gallery.
  • Choose the type of embed (with player or html tag).
  • Establish sharing rules.
  • Obtain the code to be pasted into the destination touchpoint.

Thanks to the Fast Content Embed service, you can also benefit from all the Content Intelligence data, automatically managing the tracking of every single visualization. On top of this, it makes your content SEO friendly, enhancing all the digital assets embedded in your pages with meta tags. Learn more about how THRON improves the SEO of your content

Fast Content Embed is fully integrated into the Content Experience features.



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