Integrated CDN

A Content Delivery Network dedicated to the distribution of your content

Unlike traditional DAMs, THRON incorporates a Content Delivery Network. This way you don't have to download content and then reload it into third-party systems such as e-commerce platforms or CMSs. 

In fact, with THRON you can distribute digital assets directly from the DAM without having to integrate it with other systems, simplifying infrastructure and containing costs. 

With integrated delivery you can also track the use of your content in front-end channels, gathering strategic data.

 CDN integrata di THRON

How does it work? 

Automatic management of peak load

The CDN's immediate advantage is the ability to manage peak loads, distributing traffic on free network nodes to always guarantee the maximum loading speed of the page and published contents.

Single copy of the content

The integrated CDN shows the same content on several front-end channels without having to duplicate it in the various media libraries of digital channels. 

Moreover, it automatically shows the most updated version of each piece of content, eliminating the cost of updating and manual synchronization. 

Superior performance worldwide

The network of servers distributed all over the world allows optimizing page loading speed through an advanced caching system and directing the requests of each user to the node closest to its position.

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