Integrated Delivery

Omnichannel distribution of any kind of content worldwide

Eliminate content compatibility problems and maintain brand consistency: THRON guarantees the performance and stability of content distributed on an international level.

Your marketing department can finally work independently if it wants to transmit content or immediately alter content that has already been published. The infrastructure is already able to transmit an event in streaming as soon as tomorrow, without requiring the IT department’s intervention for capacity planning.

THRON takes care of guaranteeing and updating the service, without disturbing the IT department (that can always monitor the service status via its own dashboard). This means that your company can focus on maximizing the value of the content produced and offering an ever more efficient customer experience.

THRON’s Integrated Delivery is also guaranteed in China. This option can be activated in a very short period of time, without you having to worry about lengthy bureaucratic processes in order to obtain the ICP license; content is distributed directly by THRON and, therefore, it is not necessary for assets and infrastructure to be copied especially.

You can find out more about THRON’s delivery service here.


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