Magic Site Integration

Make all your web pages intelligent in less than 60 seconds

Take advantage of all the Content Intelligence and Intelligent DAM benefits from day one.

DAM implementation occurs gradually in a company, but you don’t have to wait to obtain strategic data that can be integrated into your Business Intelligence or inserted into your CRM. By pasting a simple script into your site’s template, on a single occasion, all content that is already online will be immediately monitored by THRON Intelligence.

How it works

Activate Magic Site Integration directly from the dashboard in just a few steps:

  • Click on the “+” button and select “New Magic Import from Website”.
  • Copy and paste the JavaScript code to be inserted into your CMS or into your website’s <head>.
  • Confirm the content preview and set the “import” regulations.

Now your pages will appear in the dashboard as URL content and will automatically be tagged by THRON’s Artificial Intelligence.


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