Multimedia Content Management

Forget all the problems of resolution and compatibility


THRON supports all types of multimedia files: images, images 360, audio, video, documents. No more wasting time preparing different formats of the same content because the Intelligent DAM will do it for you when loading. 

The choice of the best format to display is made dynamically when a user views the content, depending on the device used and the quality of the connection



How does it work?

With THRON it is possible to:
  • Upload file of any size or format through drag&drop, FTP, API or dedicated apps, centralizing your content i none place to ensure efficiency and control
  • View a preview, regardless of the type of original file through a single Universal Player, reducing all the costs of integration and maintenance with other tools (such as a video platform or CDN).
  • Share them with your colleagues, establishing access permissions and ensuring that the distributed version is always the most up-to-date.

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Multimedia Content Management? 
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