Real-time Image Editor

Dynamically edits images in an istant

With Real Time Image Editor you no longer need to create countless cutouts and sizes of the same image to fit the various digital channels. With THRON you only keep a single original image and share the chosen crop on the front-end channels.


How does it work?

Automatic resizing and smart cropping

Dynamically resizes images according to the resolution of the device, without creating copies of the content. Automatically isolates the main subject to be shown when the format of the image differs from that of the destination page. Starting from the original content, however it is always possible to manually set the crop parameters and resize the image.

Updating in real time

Each share can be changed at any time. When you change the cropping of an image, the update takes place in real time on all the channels it is distributed to.

Enhance the products on your e-commerce

The AI at the base of RTIE automatically crops the image removing the unnecessary space around the product, making it stand out immediately in the page.

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