Tag Center

Keeping Content Intelligence aligned is easy

Improve the classification of contacts and content by aligning the artificial intelligence engines to tag in an ever more precise way.


  • Define your brand’s official taxonomy on the basis of your products.
  • Choose the subjects that you want to focus on.
  • Choose the characteristics to be observed in your Buyer Personas.
  • Set the language.
  • Refine the tags suggested by the Semantic Engine on the basis of your company strategy.

Tag Center has been designed to guarantee autonomy and operative speed. It does not require plenary meetings in which the company’s official taxonomy is decided with colleagues.

You can begin by inserting tags without having to worry that they may not be exact. They can be changed and added as you understand which would be most suitable for your company. Once a tag has been changed, the alteration is automatically reproduced in all related content. Furthermore, Tag Center aligns different tags that refer to the same concept.

Thanks to THRON’s multilingual functionality, your tags will be automatically translated in each available language, so as to maintain coherence with your taxonomy and avoid duplicating tags.

Finally, you can also create personal tag categories that are useful, for example, in integrations with third-party engines, such as PIM (Product Information Management), E-commerce engines or DMP (Data Management Platform).

You can follow the guide we have developed in this whitepaper in order to know how to define your taxonomy.


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