Universal Player

The Multimedia Player that allows for a fantastic Customer Experience

Upload all the content you want to your pages, without having to worry that your site is too slow to load and without depending on the type of content to be shown.

THRON Content Experience is the unique player for images, galleries, documents, videos and audio that is able to ensure an extremely high-level user experience.

Content Experience is automatically responsive and also supports groups of miscellaneous content. You can personalize the Look&Style via the powerful, integrated Editor, and can also grant access permissions to your partners and agencies so that they can alter it over time.

You can, therefore, have a single, Intelligent DAM that is able to integrate itself perfectly with your web content management system, app or e-commerce. All this, without having to worry about how to create and integrate different players, or even fragment the content into multiple silos. In this way, you guarantee perfect brand consistency and centralized management of the work with all your customer experience partners and agencies.


As an example, we have put below a unique THRON Player that plays different types of content.


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