Workflow & Collaboration

Manage the entire approval process of your content

With THRON you can manage the entire content life cycle, from its creation to its publication, involving the right users at the right time, each with specific rights for access, modification, or sharing


The organization into folders allows you to have immediate visibility of the status of content and its presence in front-end channels. 


The versioning tool allows you to update the content without creating additional copies, ensuring that the published version is always the most recent and keeping the previous versions, which can be restored at any time.


How does it work?

Organizations in folders


Use the default workflow that envisages a folder for each stage of the approval process. Within the "5-Complete" folder you can organize your content based on format and intended use, thus simplifying the publication process


You can automate the various stages of the approval process using THRON scripts and APIs.


Access control


Assign permissions to move, publish, and upload content on a timely basis and determine which users and groups can intervene during the various stages of the process.

Collaboration and notifications in real time


Create conversations with your colleagues to speed up the approval process and get real-time notifications about everything that happens to your content. If you're out of the office, you can use the THRON app available for Android and iOS.

Total content protection

Starting from the Shareboard of each piece of content it is possible to check which users have access and with which rights, in which folders on the platform it is present and in which channels it has been published. 

Controlling content is not limited to the approval process, but also continues at the time of publication, with the ability to withdraw a share with a single click from all the channels in which it is present 


Find out how to create an 
 Approval Workflow,  watch the il webinar!