Workflow & Collaborations

Make your team indipendent and speed up creation and approval processes

Organize each content’s life cycle into various intermediate steps and gain a clear vision of how the office’s work is progressing, facilitating collaborations between colleagues and stakeholders.

Each company can create workflows that best reflect the work phases within its offices. Smaller teams can set up and control workflows via simple folder management; when complexity increases, they can be automated through API. Content is divided according to the corresponding phase, such as, In progress, Awaiting approval, Published. Workflows can be altered and enlarged as the company wishes.

How it works

  • Define access rights to content.
  • Speed up the workflow between various offices.
  • Quickly search for and find all digital assets.
  • Collaborate in single or group chats.
  • Update assets while retaining versions.
  • Directly publish contents on all channels, keeping control and coherence.

You can do all this on the move, perhaps while you go from one office to another, using the THRON App for smartphones and tablets.
Select from the available workflows: Content Creation, Shared Repository or UGC Moderation, or create your own personal workflow; each step will be identified by a folder, each with a specific set of access rights, depending on how users intervene in the specific step: Contributor, Moderator or Viewer.
Create conversations with your colleagues to speed up workflow, receive real-time notifications about everything that happens on the platform. Conversations can be marked as "favorite" to keep them always at the top of the list; those older than seven days can be retrieved through the archive or through the search.


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