Photo Shooting

Create, manage and publish product shots in your catalog in a few click!

thron photo shooting software scatti di prodotto

Bring value to each product shot and boost the productivity of your shooting team.

Centralize the activities of the different roles, photographers and agencies included. From the creation of your order to the publishing of the shots, and beyond! With full reports and insights.

You'll be certain to always use the approved pictures.


THRON Photo Shooting is the solution for


1. Manage the work of photographers and agencies from a single platform.

foto per e-commerce arricchite in automatico dei dati di prodotto

2. Enrich the shots with product information automatically.

caricamento automatico foto nell'e-commerce

3. Publish product shots directly across your channels.


4. Monitor the performance of the team and measure your content ROI.


Photo Shooting features


Organize all the work from a single point


Create the order, assign roles and jobs and share the shooting brief and guidelines with the team right away. Make the workflow more efficient.

elenco dei prodotti

Create your shooting list in an instant


Quickly find the products to include in a shooting through filters and intelligent search. Directly import a list of codes to upload all products at once.

lista commesse e selezione prodotti da fotografare

Import anything in a click


Mass-upload all shots and assign them to selected products. Your pictures will be perfectly arranged and ready for approval.

import massivo delle foto prodotto

Leave immediate feedback on the shots


Approve or reject the product shots without ever leaving the platform. Leave feedback and graphic notes on the shots. Optimize post production.

note grafiche commenti feedback su foto approvazione

Monitor the progress of your orders


Keep an eye on the progress of the orders, monitor every project.

dettaglio foto prodotti

Keep every shot under control


Don't miss a single detail. Check the advancements of orders, products, shots.

dettaglio foto prodotti online proofing

Automatically enrich the shots


Once approved, enrich the product shots with all the necessary information to make the publication on your channels direct and automated: all product information is already in THRON.

informazioni di prodotto

Quickly publish your catalog on your channels


Directly publish the pictures from THRON, remove duplication and only use approved content for your catalog.

Thanks to the e-commerce connectors, automatically populate your online store. Discover the native e-commerce connectors for Salesforce and Magentosalesforce_commerce_cloud   magento

Quickly lay out your catalogs with the Adobe Creative Cloud connector:  thron adobe connector icon


catalogo prodotti pubblicazione ecommerce

Collect content insight and measure ROI


Examine the performances of published content with analytics, find out what your users like the most and measure your product shots ROI


analisi roi dei contenuti e online proofing

Monitor performances in real time


Thanks to the reports you can measure how well your team is doing and know whether there are difficulties or delays in your orders. 

reportistica su flusso lavoro scatti di prodotto

Want to make your shootings more efficient?

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