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Accelerate conversions with Smart Content.

Effectively offer specific call-to-actions based on level of interest of the user for specific topics.

Personalize the Omnichannel Experience based on content topics

THRON’s Predictive Content Recommendation is not just a simple recommendation based on similar tags, but a hybrid combination of:
1) content topics
2) similarities of user behaviour of content viewed
3) omnichannel & realtime computing

Jump from Segmentation to Individual Personalization

Set content prediction engine with your editorial strategy

THRON’s PCR provides a powerful console where you can easily set logic and priorities for the Recommendation Engine. Leverage the application’s machine learning algorithm but still comply with company strategy and business needs.

Seamless integration with your systems

Customize smart content layouts in all your touch points

Customize smart content layouts in all your touch points

Ensure your websites are completely personalized and ‘made to measure’ by integrating a simple HTML5 Widget.
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With nearly 7 million listeners everyday, RTL is the leading Italian radio station. Its success is in great part due to the technology implemented in order to offer listeners an increasingly rich and interactive experience.

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