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Complete control and 
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It is not enough for a company to take care of the content creation phase. It must manage the entire life cycle. In this way, the brand’s content strategy can continue to evolve, analyzing and understanding, why, where and how users avail themselves of content, and bringing the brand closer to people in an ever more effective way.

THRON, the Intelligent DAM, manages the content’s entire life cycle and analyzes the results obtained.

Full Content Life Cycle workflow.

Imagine finding yourself in one of these situations: you have just received a video that has been created by an external agency; you have to get the images for the catalogue approved; or you need approval for the revisions of the new white paper. 

Whatever format they have, you can centralize and organize all these assets in THRON.
THRON automates many activities
, drastically reducing the editor’s workload. This results in productivity and efficiency while maintaining complete control over the content’s life span.

Activating THRON the Intelligent DAM is incredibly easy


  • Automatically map your pages using script 
  • Uploadarica multiple files simultaneously using Drag&Drop
  • Synchronize content whenever you want
  • Independently define the approval processes

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Core Features

Identity Management

Create your Content Federation involving a variety of players.

Workflow and Collaborations

Make your team independent and speed up creation and approval processes.

Omnichannel Content Transcoder

Forget “formats”: from now on, you can manage single content for all your channels.

Magic Site Integration

Make all your web pages intelligent in less than 60 seconds.

Artificial Intelligence Engines

Immediate understanding and analysis of any kind of content.

Tag Center

Keeping Content Intelligence aligned is easy.

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