Ensure Brand Consistency and protect intellectual property

Consistency of image and tone of voice of the brand

The real challenge for marketing managers is to keep their brand’s image and tone of voice consistent across digital touch points, so as to make the relationship between the brand and people ever more efficient.

In many companies, the same content is copied to multiple “silos”: the same image may be used in HubSpot emails, published on the WordPress blog, on the Adobe Experience Manager website, on the Salesforce E-Commerce online store and on Hootsuite social feeds.

Full Content Life Cycle workflow.

THRON, the Intelligent DAM with integrated delivery, is the solution that ensures omnichannel brand consistency precisely because it uses a single asset, of any kind (videos, images, audio, documents, html pages, general files), and distributes it automatically across the

various channels, adapting it to the best resolution and bandwidth available in real time. In this way, it removes all duplications and makes updates to the new version of the asset immediate on all channels worldwide.


Activating THRON's Integrated Delivery is incredibly easy


It's enough to enter an embed code or an html tag in the page. THRON will then dinamically adapt the content in real time, in accordance with the geographic location of the user and the device used.



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Core Features

Integrated delivery

Omnichannel distribution of any kind of content worldwide.

Real-time Image Editor

Full control over all your images. 

Content Experience Manager

The multimedia player that allows for a fantastic customer experience.

Fast Content Embed and SEO Friendly

Simple distribution of omnichannel content.

Platform Audit

Monitor all user actions on your platform and content.

Multimedia Proxy

Transmit content without slowing down the company’s internet network.

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