Enhance engagement and conversion rates

Get the most out of your data from all your content

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, THRON INTELLIGENCE allows you to get the most from your content, optimizing marketing and sales strategies, and adapting them automatically in a tailor-made manner to suit each individual.

With THRON Intelligence you can

1. analyze your content’s production and performance;
2. understand which subject matters generate most interest;
3. profile the interests of single users – also anonymously – to be aware of in advance and therefore personalize the CTA to be proposed;
4. increase engagement, personalizing the customer experience and suggesting relevant content for each individual.

Full Content Life Cycle workflow.


Activating THRON Intelligence is incredibly easy 


All you need is add a line of code to the head of your website or to your app. 


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Core Features

Content Performance Dashboard

Here you find a list of the best content to produce.

Single Customer View

Perfect understanding of each user. 

Predictive Content Recommendation

Adapt the content of your pages to the person who visits them.

Content Analytics

Trending topics and segmentation of the audience based on individual interests.

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