Our customers' content represent value that we need to protect.
For this reason, we have designed THRON while paying close attention to issues surrounding security and performance.
From the choice of programming languages, to the basic technological infrastructure as far as security and scalability decisions.

FAQ & Info 

Is THRON a Saas?

THRON has been designed using the latest technologies to be precisely a Software as a Service cloud native. In this way, it guarantees each user availability, performance and accessibility worldwide, both in terms of content and functionality. The platform has been built to be easily connected with on-premise workflows, such as content authoring suites and mobile applications.

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Is the service offered in high availability and is there a contract-guaranteed SLA? 

Of course. THRON has been designed on cloud infrastructures to avoid service interruptions for each and every system component. Should the service be unavailable due to a technical problem, it will automatically be restored, as stated in the “Terms and Conditions” document. 
In line with the transparency that we want to offer all our customers, THRON provides an online dashboard, certified by third parties, containing the status of all services. It also provides a monthly SLA and Incident Report area obtained from the platform. 

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Are the data and content saved in the platform encrypted and are there backups?

In order to ensure maximum levels of security and data integrity, as well as allowing the customer to retrieve any lost data, THRON is equipped with the following features:

  • Encryption of information: sent files and related automatically performed processing are stored with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256, with a 256-bit symmetric key.
  • Encryption of transmission (active by default): each customer is able to activate transmission channel encryption using the HTTPS protocol and restrict the distribution of information through this encryption protocol.
  • Data redundancy: the data is stored and copied to multiple data centers that are physically distinct and configured in high availability.

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On the occasion of special events, such as the launch of a new product, do I need to take care of the management of unexpected peak loads? 

THRON is natively designed to automatically manage unexpected peak loads. It has been natively designed on elastic cloud architectures. This means that the platform automatically manages to increase and reduce resources based on the load request. Imagine that news is spreading locally and that, therefore, a large number of users will begin to arrive at your site in search of a specific video or gallery. Or imagine an advertising campaign that unexpectedly goes viral. Thanks to THRON, you can forget about scalability problems and focus exclusively on the success of the campaign.

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What are the latency times worldwide to access content distributed by THRON? 

THRON has all the state-of-the-art features to allow your content to reach users in the best possible way.

Integrated content distribution networks, adaptive bitrate streaming, ability to alter images in real time, lazy loading of assets and other optimizations will always guarantee optimal performance with the minimum impact possible on customers’ devices (we know how important it is to preserve your smartphone’s battery!).

The “China Delivery” option ensures optimal performance within Chinese territory.

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Is it possible to integrate THRON through APIs?

THRON’s platform is equipped with public APIs that are recorded and can be consulted directly from the Help portal. They are able to facilitateintegration with third-party systems both for digital assets (CMS and applications) and for Content Intelligence data integration (with CRM, PIM, DMP).

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How does THRON manage security dynamics and conform with Privacy Policy regulations? 

We host your content and data, and recognize their importance: they are the key to extracting value from your business. For this reason, securityis one of our priorities. Data is encrypted both when at rest (archiving) and when in transit (transmission). Furthermore, we update our infrastructure weekly to always be on par with the latest security updates.

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Can access to multimedia content compromise the traditional performance of the company’s internet network? 

No. For large organizations with different locations and multiple users who need to access the Intelligent DAM’s content, THRON allows internet bandwidth to be saved using Marketplace's Multimedia Proxy.
This feature ensures that intranet users are able to benefit from all THRON services without blocking the network itself. Furthermore, you can optimize intranet bandwidth consumption during the use of live and on-demand multimedia content on your company’s network.

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Besides THRON, do I have to subscribe to a Content Delivery Network to speed up the transmission of images and videos? 

No. THRON uses the best global Content Delivery Networks and manages them automatically, China included. You therefore do not have to worry about managing CDN configurations, clearing the cache, etc.: THRON does all that.

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