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Content classification can be expensive and prone to mistakes and inconsistencies. That's why we have developed a set of engines that leverage Artificial Intelligence to reduce the time and cost required for content classification and to increase the quality of your digital archive.


THRON AI will learn the language of your Company

THRON allows you to create a custom dictionary where to enter the concepts relevant to your Company, that AI will use to classify your content and products. To create your taxonomy, you can choose keywords that describe your industry, the life-style of your audience, the characteristics of your products, the type of content you produce, and much more. 

GENERIC CLASSIFIERSgeneric-classifiers

THRON CLASSIFIERSthron-classifiers

You can configure the engines according to your specific needs 
to automatically extract different types of information from your content:

Objects and contexts

THRON will identify objects and products in a picture, and their visible features. It can recognize a front-loaded washing machine embedded in a bathroom cabinet.

It can also tell the context of the picture, such as a square, a house, a racetrack.



AI can analyze the dominant colors present in a picture. 

You can then search content by color, and understand how they influence your customers' decisions on your channels.



THRON will detect all logos in a picture, and this information can be used to retrieve content. For instance, you can retrieve all the pictures where the logo of a specific sponsor shows. 
Multi-brand companies can have their content classified according to the logos displayed.


Text (OCR)

Exploit the optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from images.

For instance, from the picture of a label or a package, THRON can transcribe the ingredients and nutritional values.


Semantic analysis of documents and metadata

AI automatically extracts relevant, recurring terms. 

From a photograph, it will extract the camera metadata, such as the date and place of the shot.


Speech-to-text and automatic subtitles

This engine will transcribe the speech from audio files, such as podcasts, and generate subtitles for videos.

Recognition of faces and celebrities

THRON will recognize VIPs in the images and videos you upload, like the models in your shootings and runways.


Automatic translation

THRON will automatically translate the descriptions, features and metadata of your content and products, into the languages you want.

automatic- translation

Moderation of inappropriate content

AI helps you identify any inappropriate content uploaded by external users, so that you can limit or block their use. 


Recognition of similar or duplicate content

When you upload new content, THRON will identify duplicate files and let you choose which ones to keep.

If you search a file, you will be shown similar content as well, so that you can compare them and pick the best one. 




THRON AI engines are coming out this Fall

We are gradually releasing the different classifiers, which you can turn on individually, according to your needs. You will only pay for what you use: for every single classifier, THRON will charge a fee every time it analyzes a piece of content.

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