THRON for design and manufacturing brands

The Enterprise Content Platform for design and manufacturing industries


Features for design and manufacturing industries

Companies in the design and manufacturing industries usually adopt the following THRON characteristics


Management of media creation processes

  • Constantly monitor the process flows of your multimedia content, from creation to publication, and automate them.
  • Assign access and editing rights to your content and simplify the collaboration between agencies and corporate teams.
  • Speed up the creation, editing and approval of product shots. All actors involved collaborate on the same platform.



Your Brand's digital hub

  • Centralize, classify and organize any corporate file on the same platform.
  • Simplify content approval processes through workflows based on folders.
  • Immediately find any file, thanks to the AI-powered classification.
  • Assign access and editing rights within the platform according to user roles.




Omnichannel Content Delivery Network

  • Publish all of your files on any channel, directly from the Digital Asset Management.
  • Display any kind of file with a single, universal player; customize it as you like.
  • One version of every piece of content: in just a click, update it or remove it from any channel where it is published.
  • Loading speed is guaranteed. THRON creates different formats of every file, adapting them to the channel, the device and the available bandwidth.




Plug&play e-commerce integration

  • Create products sheets quickly, thanks to ready-to-use Js components.
  • Personalize the users' navigation by leveraging the data on their interests, collected by Content Intelligence.
  • Create personalized interfaces for every different role.




Creation of spare parts catalogues

  • Create a list of spare parts of your brand, retrieving them using specific information such as product code, product category or a technical feature.
  • Share the list with your collaborators or suppliers, quickly exporting digital or print catalogs.
  • Allow collaborators to download or print single product sheets or the entire catalog; select which products to display (all products or only the available ones at a given time, or for a specific market).




Enrichment of the CRM

  • Integrate the quantitative and personal data in your CRM with qualitative data on user interests, collected on your channels through Content Intelligence.
  • Use that data to improve personalization and make your Marketing Automation initiatives more effective.



Product content enrichment

  • Easily manage products (asset, characteristics, descriptions) in the same hub.
  • THRON Intelligent PIM allows you to easily create product sheets with assets, descriptions, marketing and technical information: all on the same platform.
  • Import data into Intelligent PIM from other systems, such as PLM and ERP, avoiding mistakes.
  • Collect consistent data about what products and what features your users are interested in.




Omnichannel content personalization

  • Increase user engagement with personalized content
  • THRON automatically selects the best content to offer to every single user, according to their preferences. The AI algorithms profile users through the content they have consulted.
  • Personalization is active across all corporate channels, to create omnichannel, tailored-made navigation paths.




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