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Features for media and entertainment

Companies  in the media and entertainment industry usually adopt the following THRON characteristics.


Management of media creation processes

  • Monitor constantly the process flow of your multimedia content, from creation to publication, which you can automate.
  • Assign access and editing rights to your content and simplify the collaboration between the agencies and your company teams.



Your Brand's digital hub

  • Centralize, classify and organize any corporate file on the same platform.
  • Simplify content approval processes through workflows based on folders.
  • Immediately find any content, thanks to the classification made by AI engines.
  • Assign access and editing rights within the platform according to user roles.



Press and media reserved area

  • Create folders and reserved areas for press and media agencies, set the rights for every user and always keep all your files under control.
  • Avoid the risk of publishing non-up-to-date content.



Live streaming and OTT media management

  • Broadcast high quality live events, even in China. Traffic is distributed over the free CDN network nodes on which THRON relies.
  • Avoid slowdowns, even with millions of viewers.
  • You can manage live on multiple platforms at the same time.



Enrichment of the CRM

  • Integrate the quantitative and personal data in your CRM with qualitative data on user interests, collected on your channels through Content Intelligence.
  • Use that data to personalize more and make your Marketing Automation initiatives more effective.



Omnichannel content personalization

  • Increase user engagement with personalized content
  • THRON automatically selects the best content to offer to every single user, according to their preferences. The AI algorithms profile users through the content they have consulted.
  • Personalization is active across all corporate channels, to create omnichannel, tailored-made navigation paths.



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