THRON for pharma e financial services brands

The Enterprise Content Platform for pharmaceutical and financial services industries


Main features


  • Management of media creation processes
  • Corporate content delivery
  • Educational resources archive
  • Reserved area for stampa and media

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Features for pharmaceutical and financial services industries

Companies in pharmaceutical and financial services industries usually adopt the following:



Management of media creation processes

  • Monitor constantly the process flow of your multimedia content, from creation to publication, which you can automate.
  • Assign access and editing rights to your content and simplify the collaboration between the agencies and your company teams.



Corporate Content Delivery

  • Connect your media library and your archive to the LMS, thanks to integrated delivery.
  • Play any type of content with one universal, customizable player.
  • You have a single version of each file: for example, you can update or remove a course from all channels where it is published in just one click.
  • Upload speed is guaranteed: THRON prepares multiple formats of each content and adapts them to the channel and bandwidth available.





Training resources archive

  • Centralize your training resources into a single cloud-based software; in this way you have full control over their use, both within the corporate tools and on online channels.
  • Find any file right away, thanks to the AI engine classification.



Press and media reserved area

  • Create folders and reserved areas for press and media agencies, set the rights for every user and always keep all your files under control.
  • Avoid the risk of publishing non-up-to-date content.



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