THRON for retail brands

The Enterprise Content Platform for large-scale retail trade

Features for the retail industry

Companies in the retail industry usually adopt the following THRON characteristics

Your Brand's digital hub

  • Centralize, classify and organize any corporate file on the same platform.
  • Simplify content approval processes through workflows based on folders.
  • Immediately find any file, thanks to the AI-powered classification that makes content management easier.
  • Assign access and editing rights within the platform according to user roles.



Product content enrichment

  • Easily manage products (asset, characteristics, descriptions) in the same hub.
  • THRON Intelligent PIM allows you to easily create product sheets with assets, descriptions, marketing and technical information: all on the same platform.
  • Import data into Intelligent PIM from other systems, such as PLM and ERP, avoiding mistakes.
  • Collect consistent data about what products and what features your users are interested in.





 Plug&play e-commerce integration

  • Create products sheets quickly, thanks to ready-to-use Js components.
  • Personalize the users' navigation by leveraging the data on their interests, collected by Content Intelligence.
  • Create personalized interfaces for every different role.




Photo shoot management

  • Streamline photo shoot processes.
  • Simplify the collaboration with the agencies, thanks to a shared tool which allows to constantly monitor the process flow.
  • Photographers can upload pictures directly to the hub.
  • Content is automatically enriched with the right product information and is added into the e-commerce product sheets.




Product catalog creation and download

  • Create your brand product catalog, filter products by product code, category or technical feature.
  • Share the products with your collaborators or suppliers, quickly exporting digital or print catalogs.
  • Allow collaborators to download or print single product sheets or the entire catalog; select which products to display (all products or only the available ones at a given time, or for a specific market).


Live streaming

  • Manage traffic peaks when live streaming your events
  • Broadcast live events in the highest quality: traffic is distributed across the available nodes of THRON's CDN.
  • The CDN network is made up of servers located all around the world, including China. Avoid slowdowns anywhere in the world.
  • Customize the Player interface, adapting it to your Brand image.




Digital signage automation

  • Define your content schedule and distribute it in store, anywhere in the world.
  • Automatically update digital screens and showcases in physical shops.




Enrichment of the CRM

  • Integrate the quantitative and personal data in your CRM with qualitative data on user interests, collected on your channels through Content Intelligence.
  • Use that data to improve personalization and make your Marketing Automation initiatives more effective.



Omnichannel content personalization

  • Increase user engagement with personalized content
  • THRON automatically selects the best content to offer to every single user, according to their preferences. The AI algorithms profile users through the content they have consulted.
  • Personalization is active across all corporate channels, to create omnichannel, tailored-made navigation paths.

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