CRM & Marketing Automation

Enrich your audience segmentation with Content Intelligence data and empower marketing automation.

THRON allows you to enrich user profiles in your CRM with data about their interests. Through this integration it is possible to build dynamic user lists to customize Marketing Automation actions.

Problems THRON solves:

1. I have to personalize my messages.

Customize the messages addressed to every user, even the anonymous ones.

2. I want a segmentation based on interests.

Create dynamic user lists based on their current interests.

3. I want to know which content produces the best results.

Measure the impact of content on your users' actions. 

4. I want to know what my users are interested in. 

Enrich your CRM with user interests. 

Most used configuration:

Can be integrated with: 


Integrate the Content Intelligence data with your CRM, to enrich user profiles with their interests. Reduce management cost of updating Marketing Automation rules by using the Intelligent DAM to offer content in line with user interests.  

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Success stories:

Campagnolo managed to  identify the interests of over 75% of the contacts in its CRM, empowering its Marketing Automation actions.


Confcommercio collects strategic data about its audience, monitoring which content is most seen across all brand channels.


Stevanato identifies the interests of users who log in the restricted area, monitoring the content they visit.


Koelliker  simplified  its content delivery, managing to  enrich its CRM with user interests data collected by Content Intelligence.