Simplify the processes of creation, enrichment and delivery of product related content

THRON allows you to streamline the management of all product content.
Enhance your digital assets with product information from your PIM, speed up the loading of product pages in your e-commerce and collect strategic data on user interests.

Problems THRON solves:

1. The management of product content is very expensive. 

Speed up the acquisition, approval and publication of product assets. 

2. I can't easily find product content.

Find all assets related to a product through the information in your PIM.

3. I want to offer a complete shopping experience.

Support all phases of the user buying journey with relevant content: high quality images, videos, 360 product view. 

4. I want to speed up the buying journey of my users and retain them.

Recommend content based on each person's browsing experience across all your channels and measure how much content is influencing the purchase of your products. 

Most used configuration:

Can be integrated with:


Use THRON to distribute your multimedia assets, enriched with product information, within your e-commerce platform and all other brand channels, avoiding duplications.

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Success stories

Carrefour has speeded up the loading of e-commerce pages using THRON to enrich product sheets with linked assets.   


Furla used THRON to reduce approval times in product photoshooting, taking advantage of the delivery to enrich e-commerce pages.


Dainese integrated THRON to its PIM to complete assets with technical information and speed up integration with its e-commerce.


Whirlpool integrated THRON with its PIM to be able to distribute the right assets in each country's e-commerce, starting from single SKUs.