Intranet & Extranet

Build your brand archive, and exchange content with partners, agencies and collaborators

THRON allows you to create an archive of all your brand content. Thanks to access control you can securely exchange it both on your Intranet with your colleagues, and on the Extranet with partners, dealers and other collaborators.
Intranet & Extranet
Intranet & Extranet

Problems THRON solves:

1. I use too many file sharing tools.

Centralize all your brand content in one single shared repository. 

2. The approval of multimedia assets takes a long time.

Make your content approval process more efficient.

3. I need all my employees to have a controlled access to content. 

Ensure a controlled access to content for all your employees, monitoring their activities. 

4. The style of the Intranet/Extranet portal must be aligned with that of my brand. 

Customize the appearance and features of your Intranet/Extranet portals.  

Most used configuration:

Can be integrated with:


Thanks to the SAML Connector you can integrate THRON with Identity Management tools, thus giving selective access to content to all your collaborators. 

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Success stories

GS1 simplified the processes of exchange, updating and approval of product content between brand and retailers.


Maserati safely manages content exchange with dealers worldwide by regulating the accesses to the platform.


Barilla made internal communication more effective, centralizing all content and segmenting it according to the company organization chart.