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Centrally distribute your multimedia assets on websites, apps, digital signage and remove duplications

THRON allows you to centralize all your brand content in a single repository.
Thanks to the integrated delivery you can publish content across all brand channels: websites, applications, digital signage and third-party tools, reducing maintenance cost and updating times for the single multimedia assets.

Problems THRON solves:

1. I spend too much time updating content. 

Optimize multimedia assets updating times across all channels. 

2. I have content scattered across different channels. 

Manage all content, including videos, from a single platform and speed up its distribution through a universal player. 

3. My users quickly abandon my site.

Stand out from the competition by offering each user personalized content, measuring its performance. 

4. My pages load slowly.

Ensure high performance and fast loading of content all over the world, even with poor connectivity. 

Most used configuration:

Can be integrated with: 


Use THRON to centrally deliver all your multimedia assets, regardless of the tools, removing all duplications and simplifying the distribution infrastructure 

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Success stories:

MSC distributes its content all over the world from a single platform, without duplications, adapting its communication to the channels used.


Eataly ensures the brand consistency in the store, by managing the content used in digital signage from a single platform. 


Milor feeds the e-commerce and mobile applications used by suppliers from a single platform, maintaining full control over its content.


Velux populates marketing landing pages and mini-websites from a single platform, cutting down updating times.