Automatic classification
through AI

Instant analysis of every content

What does artificial intelligence allow you to do?

Classifying content in order to find them over the time and organizing and collecting significant data are essential tasks for a company that wants to optimize its marketing resources.
At the same time, it is impossible to do these tasks just with the manual intervention, due to the quantity of content requested by the multichannel communication; moreover, when more people share the same tasks, they risk is chaotic and inconsistent results.


How does artificial intelligence it work in detail?


Thanks to the support of AI it is possible to automatize these repetitive operations. THRON uses three different AI engines to provide at the same time:
  1. Semantic information about all the uploaded content (topic, the tone of voice, etc.).
  2. Automatic content classification, dynamically shaped on the company taxonomy, thanks to advanced Machine Learning algorithms.
  3. Analysis of the interests of whom accesses the content.
Semantic Engine
The Semantic Engine offers the operational advantage of being able to search for content with semantic criteria. It is activated with the upload of each content (audio, video, image, document, html page) and describes the subject matter discussed with semantic tags.
If you have to choose an image for a new travel brochure and search “photo of the Maldives without people”, you can perform a search using semantic tags, without having to scroll through the entire photo catalogue.

Behavior Engine
The Behavior Engine, on the other hand, provides valuable marketing and sales data to get to know the interest profiles of each persona.
Indeed, it monitors the interests of each user over time, gradually perfecting their profiles. At this point, you can integrate the data collected by THRON’s Behavioral Engine into your CRM and improve the automation of marketing activities, thanks to the enhancement of such data with the interests of the individual collected by Content Intelligence. In this way, you can also help the sales department to be aware in advance of subject matters to discuss with each prospect or customer.
Classification Engine
Thanks to Machine Learning algorithms, the automatic asset classification engine learns the tagging methodologies that the Content Intelligence Manager applied manually.
In this way, it will be possible to progressively reduce the manual tagging activities since the engine learns the brand classification rules and apply them automatically to the content during the loading phase.


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