THRON is the Enterprise Content Platform for companies wishing to improve the management, research and delivery of their content, whilst at the same time obtaining strategic data from it.
THRON's added value is the ability to obtain data about user interests from the way they interact with content, so that Brands can send personalized messaging to every single customer.


Atlas has centralized its content on the Intelligent DAM, from which it delivers them on the website and on the product catalogue.


Snaidero has centralized all its digital content on the Intelligent DAM, to organize and classify it, removing all duplications.


AGF88 Holding creates reserved areas for its sales force and use THRON as a base for its websites.


Woolrich uses THRON as its content hub to offer always up-to-date content to its dealers, its stores and the press.


Arper has centralized the content it shares with architects, dealers, press and salespeople in an area reserved for them.


Ferretti Group uses THRON to store photos, videos and PDFs of all its brands and share them with internal and external collaborators.


Coin uses THRON and especially Intelligent PIM to facilitate internal and external product management and to enrich the content with product data.


Arav Fashion uses the THRON DAM to manage and catalogue product shots and marketing content.


Maserati safely manages the worldwide exchange of content with its dealers, regulating access to the platform.


MSC distributes its content worldwide, from a single platform and without duplication, adapting its communication according to the channel.


Carrefour has optimized the online shopping experience by recommending the most appropriate products to every user.


Furla has expanded its e-commerce worldwide by publishing content according to market preferences.


Rana has made its content production processes more efficient, distributing them in accordance with market needs.


Unieuro offers its suppliers a platform for uploading training content to update vendors in real time.


Barilla has made internal communication more effective, centralising content and segmenting it according to the company's organisational chart.


Stevanato identifies the interests of users accessing restricted areas by monitoring the content they visit.


ACF maintains complete control over its content, even when distributing it, thanks to selective access.


Fitt Spa distributes content in a coordinated manner across all its digital channels (website, intranet, online catalogue, ERP).


CFMT has simplified the access to courses offered to companies by creating a centralized archive of content.


Velux populates landing pages and mini-websites for communication and marketing from a single platform, reducing update times.


Elior maintains a consistent brand image by feeding all touchpoints from a single platform.


Ariston Thermo has improved its customer service by concentrating all of its know-how in a single archive.


GSK controls the online production and distribution of content from a single platform.


Confcommercio collects data on its audience, monitoring what content is viewed on all channels of the brand.


ETRA quickly retrieves all documentation and information relating to the same order.


Milor Spa feeds e-commerce and mobile applications used by suppliers from a single platform, maintaining control over its content.


AGI manages content certification workflows from a single platform.


Lagardere has simplified the exchange of content and made their distribution to the outside more coherent.


Bennet has improved the management and distribution of content on e-commerce and the website.


La Martina associates each product content with the relevant technical information, thus improving the user experience.


Borsa Italiana distributes training content reserved for Italian companies that wish to be listed on the stock exchange in a controlled manner.

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