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Read the stories of the top brands who have chosen THRON to manage and distribute their content and maximise their productivity.

Lago's design is also expressed through flawless contents and products, created, approved and distributed with THRON.


Green light towards optimal digital asset management since the multinational transport company came aboard the Throne.


Contents and product data of the famous stationery publisher and manufacturer reside in THRON.


The promotion of all Trenord services offered on ticket office monitors is always consistent, effective and up-to-date.


The Throne's governance and delivery convey all the design of the made-in-Italy home furniture on Scavolini's web channels.


MSC's assets navigate secure routes around the world as long as THRON automatically adapt them according to the channel.


Furla's Made in Italy excellence has maximised its productivity and expanded the business of its e-commerce worldwide.


With the Throne, Rana can enjoy the taste of more efficient contents creation, approval and distribution processes.


 Internal communication beats, loudly, all the time as said Unieuro's payoff, which shares assets with the sales team.


For Barilla, internal communication is perfectly "al dente": content are centralised and made granularly accessible to teams.


 The asset management is live up to the Group one with THRON, from which assets are delivered and analysed.


FITT's distribution is smooth and coordinated thanks to THRON's dialogue with the website, intranet, online catalogue and ERP.


CFMT improved the delivery of its online courses choosing our Throne as the central hub for all training contents and information.


The landing pages and mini-websites of the window and skylight leader's marketing campaigns are populated by Throne.


The restaurant giant strengthens Brand Consistency by feeding all digital touchpoints from a single platform efficiently.


The Italian multinational has enhanced its customer service by centralising all corporate know-how in a single repository.


Production processes and online distribution of contents are the picture of the health thanks to the agility of the platform.


Confcommercio collects data about its audience and monitors which contents are viewed and engaging on each brand channel.


From the tidy folders of the Throne ETRA retrieves documentation and information related to the same order on the fly.


 AGI, Agenzia Giornalistica Italiana manages contents certification workflows within a single digital platform thanks to our hub.


The French giant chose THRON to simplify the exchange of assets and deliver them consistently to the outside world.


Bennet has enhanced the quality of asset management and distribution within its channel as e-commerce and website pages.


La Martina tells every product the best thanks to assets and information management designed for the user experience. 


The Italian stock exchange distributes safetely and capillarly assets and data to Italian companies wishing to list themselves.


The ceramics specialist centralises the assets in our hub from which they are delivered on the website and digital catalogue.


Italian icon of uniqueness and style for the past 75 years, Snaidero with THRON organises and classifies its digital assets.


AGF88 Holding relies on THRON to manage the assets of the sales team's digital portal and populate the websites.


The American outdoor brand chose THRON as the digital hub to distribute consistent assets to shops, dealers and the press.


The brand centralises the assets, expression of its design, and shares them with architects and dealers in a dedicated area.


Ferretti Group uses THRON to store ph, videos and PDFs of all its brands and share them with internal and external partners.


With THRON and THRON PIM Coin manage and deliver all marketing and product assets at the best possible performance.


The fashion brand Arav uses our Throne to manage and catalogue all its product shots and all the marketing contents.


Fast processes, efficient teams, happy customers. As long as there's THRON the national agency work only with THRON.


Images, videos but also product data: the storytelling of Wilier's prestigious bikes on touchpoints rides through THRON.


Sara's Brand Protection is ensured through granular management of roles and access rights to any digital asset and data.


The excellence and quality spread by the assets in the Throne and, from there, delivered worldwide on the touchpoints.


The Throne hosts content that expresses Luxy's iconic seating and shares it with architects, dealers, press and salespeople.


Dealers and marketplaces can count on digital assets of Platum always up-to-date thanks to the Throne


Thanks to THRON, the breathing brand's time to market has been turbocharged and communication has become omnichannel.


THRON shed light on the entire lifecycle of Performance In Lighting's digital assets: from creation to automatic delivery.

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