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The digital safe for your information heritage

Digital products and assets always available, protected, and intact. Determine who has access to what and AWS, our tech partner, helps us always guarantee the highest level of integrity.

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Certifications above all.
Deeds before words

Key for measuring a company’s levels of process efficiency and security,
certifications lay out standards recognised and shared by us and our customers.

ISO, the standard for excellence

Accreditation to ISO standards is provided by an official body: TÜV.

Secure processes and information

Our information Security Management System complies with ISO.

Security extends to the cloud

The integration of ISO/IEC 27001 certification confirms our commitment.

Certified Quality Manag. System

As proof of the constant care we put into every process.

A few things you need to know if security is important for you, too

For us, everything
begins with the code

Every line of code has been written following OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) development principles and guidelines.

The management of our servers is automated (infrastructure as code) to minimise errors.

The best defence
is attack

We use advanced systems and tools to monitor, identify and respond to cyber attacks (XDR – Extended Detection and Response).

Security along
the entire lifecycle

Access to the platform is protected by customisable password policies.

The stored data are encrypted.

During the distribution phase, THRON uses the https protocol, preventing unauthorised access and use of content and information.

Secure sharing,

Only those who have full access rights to an asset can share it and decide whether to make it downloadable.

All sharing is stored and can be revoked at any time.

The System Audit records all actions performed on the platform.

AWS is always
a guarantee

The Amazon Web Services data centres we use in secure locations that are not made public.

The data is replicated in 3 AWS data centres, which ensures 99.9999999% persistence.

And AWS is also 27001 certified.

and directives

AWS has certified the implementation of its guidelines on the secure management of access to servers (Technical Audit).

We have implemented the CIS (Center for Internet Security) checks which automatically detect any security vulnerabilities.

We care about your data

Your information assets are always intact, even following catastrophic events.

Every single asset or piece of data is replicated in three contiguous data centres, as well as in another three located in another country. All AWS.

Operational continuity? 99.9%

We use “autoscaling” container-based technology: our distributed architecture can allocate or shut off portions of the infrastructure as required.

Moreover, the automatic recovery procedures ensure resolution times lower than any manual intervention.