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Governance is like a turbocharger

A single platform for the entire lifecycle of digital assets and product data. Dialogue with the dealers who spread your brand around the world. And get your performance back on track.

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Communicate your brand in a consistent and secure manner, with both your B2B e B2C customers

Whether it is sporty, luxury or utilitarian, the gist is the same.

Vehicles need photos, videos, product data and documents which describe them, contextualise them and position them in the user’s eyes.

What’s more, also considering the digital nature and global dimensions of the market, communications between the headquarters and the teams of the various foreign divisions and dealers in the different countries where the brand has a presence must be fast, constant and effective.

THRON PLATFORM makes all this possible.

How? By centralising all digital assets and supporting their entire lifecycle: from their management to their delivery on all touchpoints, supporting B2B (for example the various dealers) and B2C marketing strategies of any language and type: global, local and glocal.

THRON Universal Player – customisable according to your brand guidelines – allows you to publish at maximum performance on any touchpoint and define hotspots for quick access to the details of each model.


A single platform for documents, data, images and video of every vehicle

THRON PLATFORM is the single point of reference for digital assets and product data.

Manage photos, 3D images and videos created by the internal marketing team, designers, photographers and external agencies from the platform.

You can also associate with each piece of content the product data and documents which contain technical specifications and descriptions – such as acceleration, engine size and emissions data – which would otherwise risk being spread between worksheets, the ERP, PIM and PLM.

The advantage is two-fold.

Each team has a single source of truth for any asset or piece of information, eliminating the time required to find what they need.

What’s more, a centralised hub opens the doors to faster communications and sales processes, both to end customers and distributors.

automotive example product sheet PIM and DAM

Thron FOR automotive

Hit the accelerator and shatter the time to market for local and global campaigns

Publish the most up-to-date version of each piece of multimedia content and product information on all your channels.

With Brand Portal, you also make instant and automatic dialogue with divisions, dealers, B2B customers and press offices in the countries where your brand is present.

Share with them the most up-to-date version of shots, templates and data. Enjoy the assurance of consistent brand expression in any corner of the world.

THRON’s CDN and elastic architecture always guarantee the highest possible levels of performance, even in the case of peaks of traffic typical of the days leading up to and following the unveiling of new vehicles.


Put a seatbelt on your digital assets and keep your brand safe

THRON PLATFORM is a digital safe for your content because it allows you to protect your brand from unauthorised or late access.

Precisely define each digital guest’s access and editing rights.

Share content with your partners, establishing the start and end dates in which their access is valid, in order to prevent the circulation of obsolete pictures and video, or leaking of imminent model launches.

Exploit the domain protection function to establish a list of the only domains authorised to deliver the content present on THRON.

Automotive brands love THRON because…

Creativity combines with collaboration

With the integrated workflows, you can approve and distribute content from agencies on the fly.

The brand portal is integrated

Automatically share different assets with your dealers and avoid manual work.

Make all assets richer with hotspots

The THRON’s player enable a focus on engine components or interiors, for superior user experiences.

Be amazed at how you can rule your assets and products

We have been working side by side with major automotive brands for quite some time.
Want to know what we have learnt?

A single platform. For all teams


Infinite assets, zero copies. One hub to collaborate, research and publish.


Marketplace and online shop updated in real time and without manual labour.


Approval and distribution flows are 100% digital. And efficiency flies.

Digital & CIO

It governs the ecosystem of digital business processes through APIs and connectors.

Information Technology

A single, secure platform for the company’s most valuable asset: its digital assets.