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Here we write and read about data and trends on Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management.

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February 2024 Insights

Product and image management: what, how, ROI

Image and product data management affects all companies: from fashion to manufacturing, via furniture and retail. In this article you…

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January 2024 Insights

DAM vs PIM: 40 words and data to know

40 useful facts and words on the latest trends in Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management and Customer Experience.

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December 2023 Insights

[Guide] Budget: do you really need DAM and PIM?

The quick but comprehensive guide on how to understand (and explain) whether DAM and PIM really serve you.

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November 2023 Events

8 trends that emerged from the round table with our customers

On 26 October, we gathered around a table with partners and customers from many sectors, such as fashion, design and manufacturing.

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October 2023 Insights

PIM and eCommerce: 3 things we tell ourselves not enough

There has been a lot of talk about PIM and eCommerce for a long time.
There are three things that PIM vendors often forget to mention.

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September 2023 Product

Forrester’s DAM & PIM Landscape 2023

Forrester’s PIM Lanscape Q2 2023: THRON is the only Italian tech company among the global PIM vendors. Find out more about our PIM software.

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July 2023 Corporate

Davide Chiarotto is our CEO, Nicola Meneghello our President

We are evolving, in the name of continuity. Davide Chiarotto is our new CEO while Nicola Meneghello, Founder, is the new President.

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June 2023 Insights

DAM and environment: and you how impact?

DAM and the environment: how? From image format to the accuracy of product data, here is what you need to know.

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May 2023 Insights

Media Asset Management software: what to know

What is a Media Asset Management (MAM) software? How does it work? What advantages does it provide? How does it differ from a DAM?

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April 2023 Events

Notes from our attendance at CEO Rountable 2023

Here’s everything we took home with us after attending the CEO Roundtable 2023 event organised by Fashion Magazine.

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