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THRON Release Notes

Discover news, releases and enhancements of our platform.

What's New

THRON X era begins with unified menu

With the constant goal of taking advantage of the most cutting-edge technologies available on the market and continuing to innovate THRON PLATFORM more and more efficiently, we have evolved the platform’s authentication and login standards.

In particular, in addition to the adoption of even more secure and integrated access systems, from this release the login is completely unified.
In fact, it is now sufficient to log in only once to access any section of the platform.

But the good news doesn’t end there.

With this release, in fact, we have also introduced the new unified menu, thanks to which you can instantly explore and be in control of every section of the platform, even those you have not yet activated.


Unified menu


In addition, we have also evolved the design of the navigation bar, designed and developed to provide you with the ability to always be clear where you are and give you instant access to any section of the single platform.

And again, we have expanded the navigation bar and made the tab setting homogenous within the entire platform in order to evolve the UI and make your UX unprecedented.



The Throne becomes even more Throne-like, so that you can reign in speed and efficiency.


RTIE’s automatic format and quality parameters have landed in the WordPress connector

From this release you can take full advantage of some of the benefits of Real Time Image Editor for content delivered via the WordPress connector.

In fact, images will now be published in the CMS in the automatic format set within RTIE, without any manual action being required.

In other words, images will be delivered in WEBP format if the browser supports it.

Furthermore, it is possible to select the quality of the delivered asset, choosing between the options auto-high (default), auto-medium and auto-low: more information in this article.

Also on WordPress, automation stands at 100 and manual work at 0.


Minor updates and bug fixed relating to the Adobe Commerce Connector (Magento)

With regard to the THRON Connector for Adobe Commerce, we have released some minor updates and fixed some bugs in recent weeks.

Among the fixes, we have:

  • added the possibility to disable/enable the feature of assigning a default price (during configuration) if the “Price” column is empty or absent in the data import file
  • fixed the bug related to developer mode: “Missing required argument $path ofThron\Connector\Model\Filesystem\Directory\Read”.

For more information, visit the Adobe marketplace.


External Shares evolve in the name of continuity

You may have noticed: during 2023, we innovated several times the interface of one of the most popular features of our platform: External Shares.

We did this guided by the objective of increasing usability and improving the layout.

In particular, in this latest release our design and development teams have focused on some of the classic sections of the interface, with the aim of innovating the tabs relating to the size and cropping of images of external shares via URL and Embed code.

As of this release, in fact, the section for defining image dimensions (width and height in pixels) has been redesigned and made available in the new External Share graphical interface.

The same goes for the manual cropping functionality, which can be managed through a tab for input of coordinates in pixels, which has been redesigned to make it even more intuitive.

We strongly believe that innovation not only comes from releasing new features, but also from continuously improving existing ones.

Have you tried them out yet? 😉


Filter suspicious domains from Reports

As of this release, it is possible to block domains considered suspicious directly from the Report presenti in piattaforma.

The domain blacklist feature – introduced in last month’s release – is also accessible on the fly from the monitoring dashboards of domains from which traffic originates and digital assets are used.

An even more agile way to secure your information heritage.


What's New

The Domain Blacklist is now available!

Thanks to the new feature, you can define up to 100 domains to which you can inhibit the distribution of content on the platform.

This is a measure to guarantee the protection of your information assets, both in terms of intellectual property and costs.

The blacklist not only prevents the illegitimate appropriation of your digital assets, but also averts the risk that the traffic generated to view and reproduce them falls on your company.

The functionality is in addition to others already present in view of information asset security, such as the Whitelist.

Want to activate it? Go to the Admin Area under Settings > General > Security.


Call your External Shares by their name

Like your digital assets, each External Share is unique in its own way.

That’s why from this release you can associate a name with each one. If you don’t, don’t worry, THRON PLATFORM will take care of it, based on the date of creation.

With names, finding and accessing the share you are looking for will be even quicker. Try it to believe it!


What's New

Welcome, Reports!

How are you doing with abscissae and ordinates?

With the aim of making the governance offered by THRON PLATFORM even more comprehensive, in this release we have intervened in the last phase of the lifecycle of data and digital assets.

As of this release, in fact, the Monitoring functionalities of our platform can count on an additional ally: the Reports.

The tab Analytics, currently available in beta, provides dashboards for analysing the traffic generated for assets delivery.

Reports, in fact, provides each user with graphs offering a precise insight into traffic by domain, device and type of asset, as well as automatic suggestions for optimising traffic and the performance of communication channels.



Further functionalities will be announced in the coming releases, which will expand the options for monitoring the company’s entire information assets in an increasingly effective manner.

This, in other words, is only the beginning 😉

What's New

THRON PLATFORM: CDN cache 100% responsive, delivery performance supreme

Before this release, the CDN had a two-minute cache. Translated: every two minutes any asset was requested from the main server, regardless of whether it had been changed or not.

Undoubtedly this ensured good responsiveness in the event of changes to the assets on the platform, and the updating of each channel was essentially in real time, but it could sometimes cause unnecessary stress on the system in terms of bandwidth costs and related environmental impact.

To overcome this issue, we acted on two fronts.

On the one hand, we raised the cache time to one day for all our customers (but can still be freely modified) and, on the other, we made our CDN fully reactive.

In concrete terms, this means that every time an asset is updated in the platform, the distribution of the new version to all communication touchpoints is instantaneous.

In this way, requests to the main server are only made when necessary and there is no risk of stressing the system, guaranteeing the highest possible performance at all times.

Power and control, then.


THRON PLATFORM: avvio processo di dismissione della API getThumbnail

Con l’obiettivo di continuare ad elevare le prestazioni della nostra piattaforma, abbiamo avviato un graduale processo di dismissione dell’API getThumbnail che sarà completamente trasparente all’utente, sia in termini operativi che di prestazioni.

Da diverso tempo, infatti, consigliamo ai nostri clienti di utilizzare il gruppo di API pubbliche che garantiscono una qualità di distribuzione superiore all’API getThumbnail.

In particolare, a partire da questa release, l’API getThumbnail non distribuirà più gli asset direttamente ma attraverso un redirect verso un nuovo endpoint.

Nel concreto, anche se la tua organizzazione ad oggi utilizza l’API in questione, non ci sarà alcun impatto per te e non dovrai modificare nulla. Nel caso in cui dovessi aprire la rete del browser, noterai una duplicazione delle chiamate: è normale e ciò è dovuto proprio dal redirect in questione.

Dopo diversi test abbiamo rilevato che il reindirizzamento non ha alcun impatto percepibile sulle performance di delivery.

Nel corso dei prossimi mesi proseguiremo passo dopo passo alla graduale dismissione dell’API getThumbnail per favorire l’adozione completa e capillare di quelle pubbliche, che innalzeranno ulteriormente gli standard qualitativi delle performance della nostra piattaforma.

Torneremo a parlartene qui, ovviamente 🙂


What's New

THRON PLATFORM: asset delivery is also available on your Shopify e-commerce!

Asset delivery also lands on Shopify.

For each product code in your e-commerce platform, you can automatically retrieve, update and publish the relevant media content in THRON.

Make the two platforms talk to each other and minimise the manual work involved in distributing digital assets, publishing unlimited images, videos and documents for each product.

In other words, you take the brakes off the representation of your products and give your creativity free rein, capturing your customers’ attention with as much multimedia content as you deem necessary.

For more information and to immediately activate the dialogue between our platform and Shopify, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Get ready to take a new step towards omnicanality.



THRON PIM: retrieving only necessary product information

In a sea of overinformation, our answer is selectivity.

This is why we have introduced, for API integrations, the possibility of selecting – during advanced search – which of the available information is to be returned from the list of platform results.

This is a functionality of cross-cutting utility, allowing each organisation, work group and user, to quickly access only the information they need.


THRON CONNECTORS: OpenID configuration can now be managed autonomously

From this release, the administrator user can now configure the OpenID connector completely autonomously, through which each user can be enabled to log into THRON PLATFORM using company username and password.

Autonomy and simplicity. Just the way we like it. And so do you.

THRON CONNECTORS: we have updated the Magento connector

In recent weeks, we have also updated the THRON connector for Magento.

In particular, the main novelties concern the correction of some existing bugs and, above all, the extension of the connector’s compatibility with the latest versions of the CMS.

As a result, the product sheets of your e-commerce will be even better performing.



THRON DAM: digital assets on a share page are sorted alphabetically

If you have used share pages in the last few days, you will already have noticed this, otherwise we’ll tell you.

From this release all contents that populates the share pages is now sorted alphabetically.

So finding what you need will be even easier.


THRON DAM: get a preview of your digital assets even from the share page

Access the digital assets you need on the fly, even from share pages.

With the preview of media content on share pages, you no longer need to open them all or look through the details before you find the right one for you.



THRON PLATFORM: password recovery has never been easier

Until yesterday, when you forgot your password you had to repeat the account activation process.

Nothing dramatic, however, if we can make our lives easier, why not?

There, we have done it. From today, recovering access to the platform will be easier and faster.

Know that if you forget your login credentials, you can request a link to be sent to the e-mail address associated with your account and reset the password of your choice, always respecting the policies defined by the system admin.

It doesn’t happen, but if it does…



THRON DAM & THRON PIM: content-product association is even faster

We have increased the usability and evolved the drop-down menu interface that appears when you associate contents with the product data it represents.

Thus, when you start typing the name or code of a product from now on up to 25 suggestions will appear. In a word: speed.



THRON DAM: content hotspots are a sea to navigate

There are two nice new features concerning hotspots, the feature with which you make your contents even more interactive and engaging.

As of this release, surfing through all the hotspots of an asset is even more immediate: just select one and you can scroll through them all on the fly, one after the other.

Moreover, in addition to the name, each can be accompanied by a descriptive text. The length is up to you and your desire for synthesis.

In both cases, the user experience gains, who will be able to browse the contents of your web pages in an even more agile, dynamic and complete way.



THRON DAM: Player 5 (for embed code) officially retires

Goodbyes hurt. But not all of them.

From this release, when you create an embed code you will no longer be able to use Player 5.

You have probably been preferring THRON Customer Experience, which is far more powerful on all fronts: user experience, level of customisation and performance.

If you haven’t already done so… well, it’s time to do so, because after a distinguished career, it’s time for Player 5 to say goodbye. So we are sure that you will no longer risk giving up even a few grains of efficiency.

Ps: don’t worry about the embed codes you have already created using Player 5: they will continue to work as usual in the correct way.


THRON DAM: .dwg and .3ds are now also loaded correctly by Destkop Client

Until a few hours ago, it could happen that files with the extension .dwg or .3ds and uploaded to the platform via Desktop Client were not recognised correctly.

Now it will never happen again.


THRON DAM: enabled the use of HTTP/3 protocol during asset delivery

HTTP/3, the third and most recent version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol used for exchanging information on the Web, is the third and most recent version of the HTTP protocol, which enables reduced latency times for each web request.

With this release note we have enabled the HTTP3 protocol in our THRON DAM, THRON PIM, Workflow and Photoshooting solutions.

Concretely? Whenever THRON distributes an asset on your channels, it will do so even faster than before, especially on mobile networks and in the case of large geographical distances between the user and the distribution network node.

Note: HTTP/3 is used by all modern mobile browsers but is currently disabled on Safari (iOS devices). Safari users, therefore, will not benefit from the above-mentioned delivery improvements until Apple enables the protocol on its browser as well.

THRON DAM: downloading from share pages has been turbocharged

In this release, all the performance improvements in library downloads that we talked about in the previous release have been extended to share pages as well.

In summary? Downloading assets from share pages is even faster.

If the China Delivery feature is activated, the improved download performance also affects users connecting to the platform from China.

THRON DAM: improving the UX (desktop and mobile) of share pages

In addition to the performance improvement described a few lines ago, the share pages were also the protagonist of an enhancement of the user experience.

In particular, we intervened on several fronts with the aim of increasing usability, both in terms of desktop and mobile use.

Try it to believe it!



THRON PIM: simplified permission management and increased agility for data export

There are already too many things we have to keep in mind on a daily basis, which is why we consider it essential to make life easier for our users.

It is with this in mind that we have made changes to the rights management required to export product data from THRON PIM.

In particular, from this release you no longer have to worry about assigning users who wish to export product information write permissions to the library as was the case in the past. All this without having to give up the certainty that only those you want can access and download the information.

Thus, even stakeholders outside the organisation – such as dealers – can easily download product data.

In addition to simplifying processes and the day-to-day life of users and system admins, this simplification has made the export of products even faster than before.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

THRON CONNECTORS: WordPress connector supports PHP 8

Could we make you forego the benefits of the new PHP version supported by WordPress (version 8) when using our connector? The answer is obvious: no 🙂

In other words, THRON’s WordPress connector now also supports PHP 8.



THRON DAM: halved waiting time to download

Times are changing all the time, but the professional goal that we all continue to have is always the same; and it is also very simple: to get things done in less time.

That is why with this release we have intervened on the compression time of content.

From now on, it will take you up to 50 per cent less time to download your assets.

Get ready to make your operation eat dust.


THRON DAM: source downloads from shared playlist introduced

Nice the shared playlists but what if I need to download a source on the fly?

Until yesterday, the only way to download the sources of a playlist’s content was to share each piece of content in a timely manner. Things, however, have changed.

As of this release, in fact, any user – with share rights – will be able to download all the sources of a playlist’s content without sharing the assets within it one by one.

In other words? We minimise clicks between you and your content.


THRON PIM: increased the number of searchable product codes to 500

Our joint content-product vision continues, undeterred, to drive us in the development of each platform evolution.

That’s why, after expanding to 500 the number of product codes that can be used to search for assets in THRON DAM last month, we have now done the same in THRON PIM.

From now on, in fact, up to 500 product codes (such as SKUs or EANs) can also be used simultaneously for searches in THRON PIM.

Searches, even complex ones, now become hyper-fast!

In addition, we have also improved the user experience of the THRON PIM search interface.


THRON DAM & Workflow: improved GUI for background action completion status

Completed, in progress or in error?

We have improved the GUI concerning the completion status of single or massive actions performed in the background in THRON DAM and Workflow.

In particular, in case of unsuccessful uploads the tab will turn red making it even more intuitive to understand the actual upload status of your assets.

For more conscious asset management. In all respects 🙂




Transport Layer Security 1.0 e 1.1 non saranno più utilizzabili dal 20 giugno

Per rispondere all’evoluzione tecnologica e degli standard normativi per la Transport Layer Security (TLS), in data 20 giugno 2023 verrà aggiornata la configurazione TLS per tutti gli endpoint delle API dei servizi THRON a un minimo di versione TLS 1.2.

A seguito di questo aggiornamento non sarà più possibile utilizzare le versioni 1.0 e 1.1 di TLS nelle chiamate a tutte le API THRON.

I moderni browser come Chrome, Firefox, Safari ed Edge hanno già abbandonato l’utilizzo di questi certificati da diverso tempo, così come i maggiori cloud provider leader di mercato (es. AWS, Azure, GCP) ne stanno dismettendo il supporto.

Alcune applicazioni di integrazione con THRON sviluppate internamente da alcuni clienti o dai loro system integrator (ad esempio in Java o PHP) potrebbero ancora utilizzare questi certificati obsoleti.

Il nostro team di Customer Service, per agevolare l’individuazione di eventuali applicazioni che ancora effettuano chiamate con le versioni di TLS 1.0 e 1.1, ha analizzato le chiamate effettuate negli ultimi mesi verso i nostri endpoint segnalando e supportando caso per caso i referenti delle organizzazioni interessate.

Qualora ti riconosca in questa situazione e la tua azienda non è stata contattata o, semplicemente, vuoi ricevere maggiori informazioni, puoi contattare il nostro Customer Service all’indirizzo

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